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There’s something about Omega in The Bad Batch I can’t quite put my finger on yet. I am going to be discussing a few vague points from Episode 2 of The Bad Batch which aired today, Though I’ll try my best to stay away from any actual spoilers for the episode, as it’s not totally relevant to what I am discussing today. I will definitely have to cover a line said by one of the characters this week though, so be warned of that at least. Even though I will keep the identity of the character hidden.

So hey, let’s discuss Omega and where her story arc is going in The Bad Batch.

There’s Something About Omega!

As soon as Omega was introduced in Episode 1 of The Bad Batch, fans began to wonder what her story is. Now her back story, as far as she is concerned is pretty straightforward, she was cloned and raised on Kamino, simple. The question is for what purpose? As one character says to Hunter in this week’s Episode, the Kaminoans don’t do things by accident. The Clones who are different were all ultimately experiments in the cloning process, so what was the purpose of Omega? Clearly this is a new experiment compared to The Bad Batch by several years, which means the Kaminoans have probably managed to improve the process they used on Clone Group 99.

I found it interesting to begin with that Omega was not really with any of the other clones. Instead she seemed to spend all her time with the cloners themselves. Then, when Omega goes missing with the other Clones the Prime Minister says that they must keep whatever secret they have quiet until the Empire’s true intentions become clear. Therefore, right from the opening episode there is a mystery surrounding Omega, so where is it going to go?

Alpha to Omega

The name itself is surely supposed to be indicative of something? Though, why the Kaminoans use ancient Greek terms is beyond me at this point. However, that’s where Lucasfilm went and thus what is the significance of Omega? Omega means the end, if Alpha means the beginning to us, however does it mean the same thing in the GFFA? One would have to assume that’s the case until we know any different.

Ergo, my own thoughts are starting to lean towards Omega being a more refined ‘enhanced clone’. What if, as she grows Omega displays some of the attributes of her fellow ‘defective’ clones? Could Omega be the base for a superior Clone? Would that not make Omega and therefore her protectors a target for the Empire, and many others who would like to exploit Omega? There’s no guarantee here and it’s really just a theory based on the same content you have all seen. Unless that is you are reading this for the hell of it without bothering to watch The Bad Batch.

However, there is another theory going round the fan base, so by no means is mine the only conclusion here.

The Force

there's something about Omega

Some fans think that Omega could be a connection to the whole ‘cloning Force users’ that ends up setting up the sequel trilogy. Regular readers will know my thoughts on that sequel trilogy so I’m not going down that rabbit hole here. Here is the thought process of this theory. Omega is the result of Kaminoan experiments with giving a clone Force abilities. As the show progresses Omega will discover her Force abilities and this could put The Bad Batch on a path towards other Jedi, or ex-Jedi, or even Inquisitors and Darth Vader.

I’m not against that idea in terms of what we have been shown so far. This is absolutely a possibility, I just don’t like the idea as much as the former idea above. Therefore, as a fan, my hope is going in another direction. I think making Omega Force sensitive could present issues with this show that would need to be resolved. However, I one time said the same thing with Anakin getting a Padawan, and look how that turned out. If this is the way the writing team are pushing this show, then I’ll judge it as it goes along.

Who knows, perhaps there is a third, or fourth option I am missing here that one of you readers has thought of?

The Final Word

Ok, I’ll lay my cards on the table for now. Currently, I don’t like Omega! Shocker as online I am hearing a lot of fans gushing about how adorable she is. I think having a kid along makes the tone of this show squarely aimed at kids and I’m never sure that’s a great idea with Star Wars, ever (cough The Phantom Menace). Now I’m sure by the time Omega grows and hits the period of being a rebellious teenager I will probably warm up to her. Right now though, I’m intrigued what her story is, but don’t love the scenes she appears in.

To begin with, I didn’t like either The Clone Wars or Rebels because they were too kid friendly. As both of those shows progressed though, the whole aesthetic became a bit darker and more adult friendly. Weirdly though, despite Omega herself, I am not getting the same feeling from The Bad Batch, yet. In fact I am enjoying seeing how the Empire was formed from what used to be The Republic. It’s an aspect I hope to see in live-action within Andor potentially as well. Though, Andor is a little further down the line from the time period of The Bad Batch, for now.

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What I want to know is how the Empire went from Clones to Stormtroopers? Did they just retire the Clones periodically as non clone numbers increased? Or did the Empire perform some kind of mass genocide on the old Clones to do away with them? I know which one I’d rather see. The latter scenario would create more drama for the Clones of The Bad Batch to deal with. Drama, is always good people.

So far I am intrigued to find out where The Bad Batch is going. That’s a decent start to the show for me compared to previous Star Wars animated shows. Do you think there’s something about Omega? What exactly do you think is going on and how is it going to come out? Predictions below as always.

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