– by Joseph Jammer Medina

There’s been a palpable buzz building around the upcoming cinematic reboot of Saban’s Power Rangers. While some of the visual “reveals” from the production have come under scrutiny, people seem to like where the film’s plot is taking the Power Rangers mythos. People became psyched out of their minds last week when a popular fan theory regarding The Green Ranger was confirmed, despite the fact the fact that people have mocked everything from the design of the new Power Ranger suits to the look of the new Zords. 

In a continuing trend of Hey, We Like What You’re Doing With The Story But Hate What You’re Doing From A Design Standpoint, today the world got its first look at Goldar.

Last week, as part of the revelations about the plot for the Power Rangers reboot, we learned that Rita Repulsa’s old henchman was getting a significant upgrade for the new film. No longer would he be a mere sidekick firing off one-liners while looking like a giant, golden bird-dog. No, now he was going to be central to Repulsa’s plot to bring the Zeo Crystal to Lord Zedd

As part of the plot details we learned, we found out that “Goldar’s molecular essence is scattered around the globe after he was vaporized into a cloud of microscopic gold particles in the opening action sequence on Ancient Earth. Rita Repulsa collects gold to resurrect Goldar” because only he can handle the Zeo Crystal without being vaporized.

So that was our first hint that the golden nature of the character was going to heavily emphasized. But these pictures of Goldar below, which reveal how the character’s action figure will look, demonstrate that the designers went hog wild on the “gold particle” part of his new backstory.

Check out how Goldar is going to look in the new Power Rangers right here:

Like I said, rather uninspiring and generic. It has none of the charm or the personality of the original. I had kind of hoped that they’d retain some of the golden sphinx elements of the original design. This just looks like a melted, golden version of The Destroyer from the first Thor film, with peanut butter wings.

Maybe it’ll look better in action?


Power Rangers, directed by Dean Israelite and featuring the acting talents of Elizabeth Banks and Bryan Cranston, opens on March 24.

SOURCE: ComicBook

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