– by Joseph Jammer Medina

If the trailers for these big blockbuster movies are any indication, a film changes a hell of a lot between its production and release. We’ve all seen stuff in trailers that are nowhere to be seen in the finished product, and it’s always interesting to see the journey from one iteration to another. Thor: Ragnarok is no exception.

In fact, it was very clear prior to its release that we would be getting several alternate scenes — namely the ones involving Odin and Hela. It turns out that the changes they made had quite the rippling effect on certain surrounding scenes. In this case, Thor’s interaction with Doctor Strange.

In the final cut, Strange locks Loki in a neverending pit while talking to Thor. He then locates Odin in Norway, and after unlocking Loki from that pit, sends them on their way via portal. As you can see in the deleted scene below…things turned out a bit differently.

Of course, where Loki is locked away is changed, as is the final location of Odin. However, perhaps the most noteworthy change is the line from Doctor Strange, where he talks about destiny having dire plans for Thor. It’s a line that was in the trailer for the movie, and it’s nice to see its overall context

In true Thor: Ragnarok form, it’s a line that becomes the source of a punchline, with it ruining Thor’s day. Ultimately it’s brushed under the table, but that doesn’t make it wrong (we all know what happens from there)

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