– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Thor: Ragnarok was really a refreshing film on many levels. It got rid of many of the elements that made the Thor franchise tick, and even went so far as to drastically change the personality of the title character. However, there’s another way in which the film was different. It had no romantic element.

Pretty much every Marvel Cinematic Universe film has the romantic element added to it, and it’s oftentimes one of the things the female lead fulfills. Perhaps the only other Marvel film that doesn’t have a romantic lead is Doctor Strange, though there are hints that it could lead to that. In this regard, Thor: Ragnarok almost stands alone.

But, you’re likely not surprised to hear that there almost WAS a romantic lead in the form of Valkyrie. Before Eric Pearson took over screenwriting duties from Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost, that was there, as he revealed to Yahoo!

“But we didn’t want to start from that place. It was like, Let’s give Valkyrie her own story that connects with Thor … and if it makes sense for them to get together, then great. You’ve got two really good-looking people who can fight and who’d probably be [good together] if the story went there, but it just didn’t. It became more about the mutual respect, and also dealing with her PTSD. She’s someone who’s drowning her sorrows in the bottle, and I just thought that was such a cool thing that you don’t often see in these movies: somebody dealing with extreme guilt and shame in a colorful, Taika Waititi[-directed] hilarious background.”

Ultimately, we think that’s all for the best. We’ve gotten to a place now in superhero films where we really shouldn’t have to rely on these tried-and-true tropes. Women should be allowed to have a pivotal role in these films without “arm candy” being a part of their duties.

But does this mean a Thor/Valkyrie romance is inevitable down the line? Perhaps. But if that’s the case, at least it’ll have the bedrock of friendship and respect, and won’t have been rushed from the outset.

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SOURCE: Yahoo!

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