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Tessa Thompson, who we revealed is playing Valkyrie in THOR: RAGNAROK, has taken to social media as of late to show some love for the production- and especially her character’s weapon of choice. She also implied that the mood on the RAGNAROK set has been extremely jovial- something that co-star Mark Ruffalo has implied as well. It sounds like director Taika Waititi is encouraging a very fun atmosphere on the Australian set of THOR: RAGNAROK.

Here’s an Instagram post from Thompson, showing off the prop sword she’s apparently been putting to good use lately:

I never want to not have a sword again,” Thompson says in the caption. Seems she’s grown quite attached to the weapon. She even posted a follow-up meme of a woman with the caption, “You are not a girl, you are a sword.” Thompson says that this affirmation is what she says to herself “upon waking up at 3:40AM for work.

We’ll get to witness the fruits of her labor when THOR: RAGNAROK, which promises to be a fun, rollicking adventure, comes out on November 3, 2017.

SOURCE: Instagram