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At this week’s press junket for Thor: Ragnarok, actress Tessa Thompson, who plays Valkyrie in the film, told a story about approaching Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige with other Marvel Cinematic Universe heroines to ask about an all-female team-up movie, per CBR.

At the press junket, Feige told the press about the intimidation factor that comes into play when you’re, “tapped on the shoulder and turn around to find a gang of the MCU’s female powerhouse, all standing and waiting to hear what you have to say.”

Thompson was quick to point our that there is precedent in Marvel Comics for all-female teams, including the Lady Liberators. Feige would not confirm or deny if such a project was in Marvel Studios’ plans.

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The Lady Liberators originally appeared in Avengers #83 in December 1970. Valkyrie was actually introduced in the story, though she turned out to be Enchantress in disguise who was mind-controlling the heroes. The original roster, that only appeared in Avengers #83, included Wasp, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, and Medusa.

Decades later in 2008, the She-Hulk title brought back the Lady Liberators, this time formed by She-Hulk with a new roster including Invisible Woman, Storm, Valkyrie, Thundra, Spider-Woman, Tigra, Black Widow, and Hellcat.

Of course, there have been other all-female team-ups over the decades, including The Fearless Defenders, a book published in 2013 as part of Marvel NOW! The comic centered on Valkyrior, a team of female superheros led by Valkyrie and Misty Knight.

Would you watch a all heroine team-up film from Marvel Studios? What would your dream line-up be, using characters Marvel Studios actually has the rights to? Let us know in the comment section below!

Thor: Ragnarok is out November 3, 2017.

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  • Behemothrex

    Well that has worked out great in the past cough Ghostbusters! You know if you want a all girl fem power film, you should clue in the girls to come see it, because without support from the audience you are just hurting your cause to have failure after failure.

    • TheOct8pus

      You can’t compare an all female Marvel cast with Ghostbusters! That movie was garbage – every aspect of it, from the thin script, the dumbed down humor, the awful director, Melissa McCarthy, the fact that it was a shitty reboot of a beloved classic…the list goes on…

      • Dusty Ayres

        How were they going to get the original male cast to come back when one of them didn’t care for the role he played and another was dead, dumbass?

        • TheOct8pus

          Not sure if you read my comment, but I literally said NOTHING about getting the original male cast, dumbass…

          • Dusty Ayres

            I don’t particularly give a shit, sir, and my point still stands; how was this mythical amazing third movie that Ghostbros like you wanted going to happen when it wasn’t possible with what was left of the main cast? Even if Columbia/Sony did a ‘passing the torch’ kind of film with characters similar to the mixed race, disability and sex quartet in Extreme Ghostbusters, I’ll bet even money it still would have been spat upon by the legions of fans just like the 2016 movie did. People like you have to get it through your heads that this genre (or any currently popular movie genre) can’t always be about men.

            That said, I’m still skeptical about this project from Marvel, and I wish that Marvel would just disregard this young woman and stick to making a movie about its premier heroine similar to how Warners made (and succeeded with) Wonder Woman or if they do, they have to really and truly make it work.

  • TheOct8pus

    I would love to see an all-girl team up movie (especially if they all wear leotards like the ones pictured above)! Seriously though…. It could have a cameo from Iron Man, or Captain America, or whomever, but the main team is an all girl cast of Widow, Valkyrie, Gomorra, the Wasp, Captain Marvel and/or Scarlet Witch (give or take one or two). They could totally pull it off with the right script and the right team up. I don’t think it’s a matter of attracting the right audience. I think anything with the MCU stamp on it will get people to see it.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      No Hellcat from Jessica Jones?

      • TheOct8pus

        I would love to see the women from the TV shows appear in the movies, but I don’t have my hopes up. Sad face

        • Kindofabigdeal

          At least let us see Night Nurse patch up Spidey so we can grin like idiots that the worlds finally connected. I won’t even question why SHIELD never pays Luke and Fist a visit.

  • Laurence

    I’d be down for a Marvel female team-up movie. I didn’t like Wonder Woman finding it cliche, paint by numbers and quite hypocritical about women (she doesn’t need men but would have failed the world if it wasn’t for Steve Trevor). I’m also finding the whole eWonder Woman is great for women thing funny now that Gal Gadot is keeping her mouth shut regards Ben Affleck. I guess women’s power only exists when it relates to branding yourself for a career.
    I’d have faith Marvel would do it right and not emphasise the fact it’s a team of women, just the fact it’s a team.

    • Dusty Ayres

      They have to come up with a great script that shows a good reason for said women to be coming together, though, not just ‘it’s time for there to be a women Avengers’ (particularly when there hasn’t been such a group of women as a comic book and all of Marvel’s team-up groups-save for the Howling Commandos-have had some degree of gender parity [the Wasp was a member of the early Avengers, Invisible Woman was a part of the Fantastic Four, and Marvel Girl/Phoenix was a part of the early X-Men.]) Right now, I have more faith in Warner’s Justice League (and in Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel) than I do in this concept., though if Marvel can succeed with this, I wish the company luck.

  • Victor Roa

    I think here comes the problem without having XMen, sure off the top of my head I can name Shehulk, Carol Danvers, Khamala Khan, Squirel Girl and Elektra…… but Phoenix,Storm, Rouge, Dazzler, Emma Frost. Like consider this, you talk to a normal person and you try talk about SheHulk is a lawyer they tend to glaze over, but you mention Storm and their eyes will glow. Marvel has really worked hard to get their non-mutant women to reach high status, but I don’t think they don’t take into account how much pop culture has helped do a lot of their work for them it’s the same thing with Hulk he doesn’t need that many character development people already known since the Lou Ferrigno show.
    I say this because….. SHE HULK WAS ALWAYS THE BEST Marvel female and now everything thinks Deadpool created the whole talking to the fourth wall. It’s such a massive uphill battle to work with studio executives to explain why this character is who they are.

  • Fallout Boy!

    Fuck this, they should ALL be transgender MTFs!


  • Kindofabigdeal

    I could use some more fap material. Not familiar with Valkyrie chick but if she wins me over in Ragnarok I’d be down.


    FOX studios should let Disney buy the rights to all Fantastic Four related characters. Its the only way we’ll ever get that missing section of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to blend in with everything after Infinity Wars is over.

    They still have the filming rights to She-Hulk and Invisible Woman that are in the image above.

  • David

    Per the article, Marvel Studios does have all the rights to the original Lady Liberators. That movie would star Scarlet Johannson (Black Widow), Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch), Evangeline Lilly (Wasp) and Serinda Swan (Medusa)