– by jay bradshaw

Courtesy of Titan-Comics

Courtesy of Titan-Comics

 The series of course if not for those under 18 years of age.  The story of The Assignment follows a former hitman Frank Kitchen battle addiction issues along with a shocking surprise.  In the first issues of the story we find out that Frank has been transitioned from a man into a woman by a sadistic doctor exacting his revenge on Frank.  The concept of having such a vicious doctor going to such extremes to get even with anyone was what pulled me into this series.  The Assignment is a story that instantly hooks you in with an unbelievable story and artwork.  In the culmination of this series you are hoping that Frank get his revenge and find closure for his past actions but in a wild turn of events this ending is something you don’t expect.

The writers Walter and Hatz put the finishing touches on this great series along with the great art by Jef. The adventure and revenge of Frank Kitchen being turned into a woman by Doctor was a great story, but like a great story it must come to an end.  The conclusion of a three part series was great because the ending is not what you expected. 

  I hope the writers and the artist plan to do another series together because the flow of this story was entertaining and truly wanted the reader to go and get the next issue when it came out.  Maybe there will be another adventure with Frank Kitchen and maybe she will have a new name as well.


Writer: Walter Hill, Matz
Artist: Jef. 

FC – 48pp – $5.99 – On sale: March 1, 2017