– by Shockey

I thought I may be the biggest The Walking Dead fan ever, and then I read this nice little Comic Companion Graphic Novel. What this awesome 200 page book does is basically break down every character, conflict, love interest, and hate mongering up until around the beginning of the Whisperer War.

This may be the hugest complement I have ever given a book, but I would love this on top of my toilet seat for at least a year.

Throughout this book, they tend to outline some of your favorite characters and give great detail on the many situations that define them. The Carl segments were fantastic as they speculate on his future, like many of us do, but the writers perception of just who he will become is slightly different than what you may think. Of course, there are huge Negan, Glenn, Rick, Maggie, Andrea and other segments — all worthy of a good read.

Then the comedic efforts of the writers here come into play. Who wouldn’t want to know a week in the life of your everyday Walker. This is covered as well in The Secret Diary of a Walker, which gives a five day breakdown of zombie life. Hint: It does not end well for them. Titan Comics also runs the Clash of the Titans, where they focus on 2 of the major characters of the The Walking Dead comic, for example The Governor and Rick, and gives a blow by blow battle to their eventual outcome.

Towards the end, the book will focus more on the The Walking Dead writers, artists, and editors. I wont spoil anything, but you definitely learn a little more about them than by simply just reading Letter Hacks.

I think my favorite aspect of the book may simply be the quiz. Here is an example that I will paraphrase. “The zombie apocalypse is upon us, you hear shuffling and a knock at the door, what do you do?” Of the four possible answers, my choice was easy; Shoot through the door at head range disregarding if it is a human or a zombie.

I highly recommend picking up this Titan Comic Companion to The Walking Dead books.

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