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It’s no real secret that Idris Elba hasn’t enjoyed all of his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After the film had wrapped, the actor complained about the demoralizing nature of the process.

Years ago in an interview with The Telegraph, he recalled his thought process while on set for reshoots:

“‘24 hours ago, I was Mandela.’ … Then there I was, in this stupid harness, with this wig and this sword and these contact lenses. It ripped my heart out.”

And yeah, we can understand that. The Marvel way of making movies isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. When all said and done, they’re very much a machine, and if you’re not on board with it, then it’s bound to rub you the wrong way.

However, speaking with EW more recently, it sounds like Elba had a different opinion regarding this year’s Thor: Ragnarok, and he even went to far as to wish that he could become MORE involved in the MCU.

“I like that I have a little part in Thor. I’m neither movie star or day player. It allows me to do other things I love. The last one [Ragnarok] was fun. The others weren’t fun. They’re work. But on this one, Taika [Waititi, the director] was great. I wish I was more present in the Marvel family. I like what I have, but I also wish that I had a bigger character in the Marvel universe.”

You hear that Marvel. Make it happen! We can all use a little more Heimdall in our lives, and while they seem to be doing a great job of keeping him relevant in the stories, we’d be down to see more.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3, 2017.

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SOURCE: EW, The Telegraph

  • Kronx

    He would make a great Blade.

    Or maybe Adam Warlock or Moon Knight.

    • Black Panther Returns

      I agree on the latters def not the former.

  • Venomaide

    Dont bite the hand that feeds.

    • Black Panther Returns

      He’s not.

      • Venomaide

        He was bad mouthing the frist 2 thors cause of reshoots.

        • Weresmurf

          You think someone with Idris Elbas stature doesn’t have the right to say what he feels? lol. “Don’t bite the hand that feeds”. Take a look at those words, you actually think he hasn’t got a career without Marvel???

          The only misstep he’s had at this point was Dark Tower. Even that can’t hurt this mans upwards trajectory.

        • Black Panther Returns

          But commended the third. If it was “Bad Mouthing” he’d be fired by now. It’s Marvel.

  • axebox

    Idris should have held out for a bigger role (Black Panther would have been perfect). Oh well… woulda coulda shoulda.

  • Lenin1959

    I like Idris Elba, but no people with African roots belong into Asgard as much as no people with caucasian roots belong into a movie about Zulu history/religion. Diversity has its limits – or do we really want to see Keanu Reeves as Malcolm X or Samuel L. Jackson as Lincoln? Honestly, Hollywood, take a step back and rethink your political agenda.

    • Ada

      Do you realize that Malcolm X and Lincoln were real people, whom existed, in real life???
      It amuse me that people always take those wicked ass exemples.

      I have a new for you: Asgard doesn’t exist and will never!!!

      • Lenin1959

        Asgard was (in a few cases is) part of a RELIGION. So in your opinion it is okay to change a religion? Hey, I want Jackie Chan as Jesus, Tom Cruise as Buddha, Melissa McCarthey as Moses. THIS is the point. Hollywood is now in disrespect of religions because of their own political agenda. It is outrageous.

        • 2099

          This Asgard is only based loosely on Norse mythology. Besides, i’m fairly sure nothing in Marvels Asgardian mythology suggests all of them are white. They are a species, much like humans, which allows for variation. So Heimdall being black is A-OK. His ethnicity bares zero importance to the character, whereas Ali stood up for Black rights as a black man, Lincoln was a white man who helped move forwards black rights. Black Panther is the leader of an African peoples who’s identities are linked to their Tribal roots, and so on. I’m not saying “lets flip the ethnicity of every character be they real or false” but i’m certainly saying “why not if it doesn’t affect the identity of the character?” in the case of fictional portrayals.

          • Lenin1959

            In Marvel’s Asgardian mythology, Heimdall is white, too. You know why? Norse mythology! You know why he is black in the movies? Disney’s forced diversity. Go and read some of the comics featuring Heimdall. It was also wrong to cast Ed Skrein as Major Daimio, but at least Skrein understood that and left the project to make room for an actor with Asian (hopefully Japanese) roots. Honor the source material unless there is a better reason than politics to not do so.

          • 2099

            Dude 616 isn’t MCU isn’t ultimate. Plus I think you’ve missed my point. Which is that it really doesn’t make a difference to the character. But I understand your burning hot passionate disgust…. I guess.

            P.S. I’ve read many of the comics. In none of them is his whiteness an integral part of his character.

          • Lenin1959

            Integral part? Well, IS he white in the comics or not? It is also not an integral part of his character being human, right? He could be Red Hulk, a Ninja Turtle, or… Ah, whatever. You won’t get it although it is sooo easy: unless there is a good reason to change a character, leave it as it was intended by the people who invented and worked on/with the character. Political agenda is NOT a good reason. Not at all.

          • 2099

            You’re right. Changing someone from white to black is the same as changing someone from white to red hulk or even into a mutant turtle……

          • Lenin1959

            So once you lose the case, you turn to spin doctoring? Okay, bye bye and welcome to the block list.

          • 2099

            He says just before replying to a separate comment of mine on different subject. Spin doctoring or pointing out flaw in argument?

        • Ada

          Dude white people changed a brown/black palestinian to a white redneck as jesus… And you are still bitching about Asgard??? WTF! You know what, if you don’t like go tell Kevin Feige… I’m done with your shit!

  • Triple M

    Shut up and get in the harness with the sword Idris.

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