– by Kyle Malone

Welcome to LRM Ranks It! This is the video feature where two LRM writers share their personal rankings for various properties! Be it comic book movies or Star Wars-related, you’d better believe we have opinions on what’s good, what’s bad, and what’s best.

This week Kyle and Jammer discuss their top three favorite The Legend of Zelda games. This series is as revered, if not more in some cases, as Final Fantasy. The action RPG got it’s big start on the original Nintendo Entertainment System with a game that was open world before open world games were a thing. It gave you very little information to get started and encouraged the player to explore their surroundings and go on a grand adventure. Everyone has their favorites, so…

What’s On Your List?


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Kyle is the Weekend Editor for LRM Online and a business school graduate who loves movies, comics, and video games. He shares his passions with his wife and is raising a next-generation geek.