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The Flash CW show has brought many viewers, that never read comics, into the world of the Speedster. We have seen Barry Allen, Wally West, Jesse Quick, Zoom, Reverse-Flash, The Rival, The Accelerated Man, and Savitar — so far. However, there are many more that exsist in Flash’s world, some more interesting than others, and some who could actually have a link to Savitar. I have speculated that Savitar could be Eddie Thawne, but I am not so sure anymore. Let’s take a look at five speedsters who we would like to see in The Flash.


The first version of Johnny Quick was actually a superhero in the Golden Age of comics named Johnny Chambers, and he was the father to Jesse Quick and husband to Liberty Belle (conspiracy theory incoming: what if Earth-2 Wells is actually Savitar). He had several battles with Savitar, and even entered the Speedforce to save his daughter from Lady Savitar. Interesting.

The version that most of us know is the Crime Syndicate of America’s Earth-3 version, where he is the evil version of Wally West or Barry Allen, depending on when you read the comic. At one point he was also based from the Anti-Matter Universe, but he is almost always an evil counterpart to some speedster. He is a trickster and quite evil. In The Flash, all that we know is that Jay Garrick is from Earth-3, and Earth-2 is more like the comic version of Earth-3 with evil counterparts. But what if the Jay Garrick that just entered the Speedforce to save Barry is actually Johnny Quick, and Earth-3 is far more sinister than we think. I think the mystery and speculation of Season 3, with Savitar’s secret identity, is the most compelling of the Arrowverse shows, at this point in time.


Bart has been retconned a few times, but he is basically known as being Barry Allen’s grandson. On his mother’s side he is also a descendant of Cobalt Blue (Eddie Thawne in The Flash show, unless Malcolm Thawne shows up) and Eobard Thawne. He traveled back in time to learn about Barry’s death during a Crisis, and spent most of his time as Kid Flash alongside of Wally West. He is your typical snarky teenager, but has a heart of gold and is gifted with immense powers of the speedforce.

During a diferent Crisis, Infinite Crisis, he was able to run Superboy-Prime into the Speedforce with the help of Wally West and Jay Garrick to trap Prime there for five (I thought it was four, but sources say five) years, helping the Superheroes defeat Alexander Luthor. This took a great toll on Garrick, but the aged Bart came out much stronger, and from then on Prime had a great fear of Speedsters.

He was eventually killed by the Rogues, in a panic, after the next Speedster I am going to mention tricked them.


Inertia is a clone of Bart Allen, and is pure evil. As mentioned, he is responsible for tricking The Rogues into killing Bart, and he used a machine to attempt to drain Bart’s speedforce for himself. Because of this, a very upset Wally West, drained his speedforce to the point to where Inertia moved so slow that he was basically a statue. Wally placed him in the Flash museum facing the statue of Bart so he could see it for the rest of his life.

The Rogues, upset with being tricked into killing Bart, broke into the museum and killed Inertia. The interesting thing about Inertia is that after his speedforce was failing, he used Velocity-9, a drug we have already seen in The Flash, to give him his powers. However, this made him unstable until Deathstroke created a better formula. The Velocity-9 angle alone may bring him into the Arrowverse.


Quicksilver you ask? Nope, not the same one, and DC actually had to change his name due to the fact that Marvel owned that name. Max Mercury was technically the first speedster to appear in the DC Universe, even though both he and Jay Garrick first appeared in 1940 in the books. Max is a time traveler, and is said to be from the late 1800’s. He quicky learned that Jay Garrick is actually generating the speedforce everytime he runs, and was able to tap into this to time travel with ease.

He could have a huge role in upcoming seasons of The Flash, as he is both a teacher of speed andextremely powerful, and has been a mentor to both Bart and Wally, and has also battled Savitar as well. A cool note is that he received his powers from a Native American ritual.


Godspeed is brand new in the comic book world. He was introduced in Flash: Rebirth as a detective trying to solve his brother’s murder. An event occured that gave many ordinary citizens the ability to tap into the Speedforce. Barry and August worked together try to solve the mystery of how this occured, during the same time Barry is trying to train all the new Speedsters to be good people. He eventually finds most all of them dead only to learn that August has become a speedster with the ability to absord the powers of other Speedsters. He was the one that killed them, and he is so fast that he can be in almost two places at the same time.

He knows that he must go Eobard Thawne who is locked up in Iron Heights, and being faster than Barry races off to do just that, until Wally West interveins, distraught over the death of a friend, and beats Godspeed. From this point on Godspeed is imprisoned in Iron Heights, but something tells me we may see him on the Suicide Squad sooner than later.

Well there we have it Can you think of any other Speedsters, or even any other enemies you would like to see The Flash battle? Let us know!

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