– by Campbell Clark

Well, what do you folks think of the trailer above? The Meg starring Jason Statham is released on August 10 this year from Warner Bros, and what can I really say about The Meg that’s not already in the trailer?

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I must admit I’m a bit of sucker for a shark movie, in an earlier life I almost studied to be a marine biologist, because Hooper was one of my heroes growing up in Jaws. Whilst I took a different career path, I have remained an active student of sharks. After the majesty that was Jaws (at 5 years old I cried at the end when the shark died), I’ve always wondered if anyone else could truly deliver a good shark movie, so far that’s a big no. The most recent shark movie I watched was In the Shallows, and that made me want to punch my own face with its completely implausible shark behavior.

Now in The Meg we have a prehistoric shark, which could in real history grow in excess of 50 feet long terrorizing humanity. On the first guess, you may well think I’d be prattling on about how this is scientifically impossible. Whilst it really is impossible, it also seems like the tongue is firmly in cheek here and as such I can forgive it enough to give The Meg a watch.

Whether that equates to it turning out to be a good movie or not is another story altogether. This could work and the concept is no sillier than Godzilla or King Kong, but for some reason, the only filmmakers that are given shark movies are, well, let’s say not quite up to my expectations.

Will you be giving The Meg a chance in theaters, or waiting for it to appear on a streaming service in inevitably less than a year? Share your thoughts in the usual place down below…In the deep!

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