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DreamWorks has released a trailer for its upcoming Helen Mirren film, The Hundred-Foot Journey. The film is written by Steven Knight, who gave us the 2007 gem Eastern Promises, as well as Tom Hardy’s latest, the critically-adored Locke. It’s based on a book by Richard C. Morais.

A middle-aged chef, Hassan Haji, recounts his life’s journey, from his family’s modest restaurant in Mumbai to his elegant restaurant in Paris where he has conquered the insular world of French haute cuisine. A tragedy at home in Mumbai pushes Hassan’s boisterous family into a picaresque journey across Europe, where they ultimately settle opposite a famous chef, Madam Mallory (Mirren), in the remote French village of Lumière. After a series of hilarious cultural mishaps, the grand French chef discovers, much to her horror, that the young boy cooking in the cheap Indian restaurant across the way is a chef with natural talents far superior to her own. A culinary war ensues, full of plot twists, pitting Hassan’s Mumbai-toughened father against the imperious Madam Mallory, a battle royale that finally reveals to young Hassan his true destiny in life.

Here’s the trailer:

The Hundred-Foot Journey arrives in theaters on August 8.