– by Mark Cook

This fall Arrow – Season 5 will return.  Fans from all over have been hoping that Arrow will return to its roots in order to gain the success that it did in Seasons 1 and 2. Many feel the main way to do this is to move away from the magical aspect, which took over the series in Seasons 3 and 4.  While we already know the villain of Season 5 will be Tobias Church, played by Chad L. Coleman, Wendy Mericle released the following details in an interview with TVGuide, ” He (Church) is somebody Oliver unwittingly created in Season 1 when he was a killer in a hood. This guy is going to be collateraldamage who lost someone to the Hood and has spent the last several years training and plotting for revenge.  He will be a true dark mirror to Oliver Queen.”  Well, they didn’t say he has magical powers, so that is a plus.  Also, having ties to Season 1 could be an interesting plot point.

It seems that Arrow is not quite done with Laurel Lance. In reference to killing off the Black Canary, Mericle went on to state, ” I can’t say too much about that.  I can say with confidence that, in Season 5, our decision will make more sense…even to fans who were vehemently opposed to it.”  This could be interesting to see where they go with this.  

The final tidbits of information include : Mr. Terrific receiving a full origin story, and yet another new Arrow-base including multiple levels.

Arrow will return Wednesday, October 5, 2016.  What do you think of the new information?  Is Arrow moving in the right direction, or is it too little too late?  Leave your comments in the usual place!