TV: Review – Gotham: Season 3 Episode 2

Gotham is back with its second episode of Season 3!  Following last week’s season premiere, what could we be in store for this week?  Will this episode be centered around the “new” Ivy?  Will the gangs begin pushing for their claim of the city?  What will The Court of Owls do now that they have Bruce?  Read below to find out!


****SPOILERS!!  If you have not seen Gotham: Season 3, episode 2, check it out then come back for my review!****


I will preface with the fact that the audio for Gotham was distorted for the episode making the beginning difficult to follow.  I’d recommend watching it on the Fox app.


The episode opens with Bruce coming face-to-face with the Court of Owls.  As the leader takes off her mask, Bruce recognizes her as someone close to his family, even being in their house at one time.  She is very much aware of Bruce’s plans, and she in turn blackmails Bruce into not looking deeper into their existence.  This is an offer Bruce has not choice but to accept.  Alfred later questions Bruce as to if he can trust the Court to keep their promise of leaving Wayne Enterprises alone (and not kill Bruce) if Bruce promises to stop looking into anything related to the Court (his parents’ death, Indian Hill, The Court of Owls).   This was an interesting part because Bruce seemed to gain some confidence in episode 1 of Season 3, only for that to be completely dashed in episode 2.


Next, Gordon and Valerie Vale go to Barbara to look for Selina.  Barbara delivers yet another psychotic scene where she tries to seduce Gordon prior to giving him information.  There is some great banter between the three characters revolving around the validity of Barbara’s sanity.  I’m curious to see how Gordon and Barbara’s “relationship” progresses this season as I can’t help but feel Gordon still has feeling for her…deep down.

Ivy washes up on shore on this episode in her aged body.  She obviously has no clue what has happened.  A man near the pier takes her in to give her a chance to clean up.  Maggie Geha does a good job embracing her comic book counterpart as she shows her love for plants as well as displaying the beginnings of her seductive / manipulative side.  Geha looks to be a good fit for the role.  I am also excited to see this version of her and get the awful  portrayal from Batman and Robin out of my mind.

Gordon finds where Fish and her gang of creatures are and he tells Harvey in order to send a team to get her.  The creatures overpower the GCPD.  She ends up taking Harvey and making her tell where Hugo Strange is.  As she goes to speak with Strange, we find out that she wants him to not only cure her, but also make her an army of creatures she can rule the city with.

Cobblepot hears of Fish being surrounded by the GCPD and tells Butch that it is time to get their friends andgo after Fish.  Cobblepot gets a mob of people who don’t want the Indian Hill creatures to take over Gotham. Robin Lord Taylor’s portrayal of the character is as good as ever showing that he isn’t intimidated by the GCPD.  It seems as if Fish is the only person he actually fears.  The dynamics between these two characters are great.  Since Season 1, Fish has been the only person that Cobblepot has truly feared and not been able to manipulate.   The best plot twist comes when Gordon goes in to save Harvey from Fish.  In order to save Harvey he contacts Penguin and gives him a plan of how to have Fish all for himself to kill while still saving Harvey.  This was an intense moment to watch where Fish, once again, showed her power over Penguin.  He had Strange and Fish at gun point and asked Fish why she never killed him under the bridge.  She told him that it was because HE was HER creation.  If it weren’t for her, there would be no powerful Penguin.  He begins to cry and tells her good-bye and not to come back.  I thought he was going to shoot her, but he instead lets them go as he stands crying.  This was an amazing plot twist as Fish shows her continued dominance.  Do you think she was sincere, or did she merely say this to get away?  Either way, she still holds power over Penguin.


The episode ends with not one, but three great cliffhangers!

1.  Alfred and Bruce are talking about what to do with their free time now that he will no longer be searching for the individuals behind the murder of his parents, or anything else connected to The Court of Owls. The Bruce “damsel in distress” role is getting old to me, so I am hoping they do something new with his character soon.  This leads to them hearing someone break into the mansion, and it is none other than…Bruce’s doppelganger!!  He asks them not to hurt him, and seems confused.  I’m still not sure what way they will go with this.  I thought The Court may use him, but he seems to have found Bruce first.  Maybe Bruce will use his doppelganger in order to continue his research concerning The Court?  That may be a bit underhanded for the Bruce we know, but could make for a great twist.

2.  Ivy comes down the stairs of the stranger’s house who helped take her in, and she is dressed in the green dress we have seen in the set pictures.  She tells him to remember to water his plants as the camera pans down to a seemingly dead man who was the guy who tried to help her!  This seems like it will lead to her manipulative, yet psychotic, nature. I’m excited to see more of her.  I hope she brings more drama to the life of Gordon! 


3.  Finally, Lee shows up in Gotham!  This in itself would be a twist, but directly prior to this scene, Valerie Vale had gone to see Gordon to question him and they ended up making out!  Oh man, sounds like more drama is about to happen.

Aside from the awful audio issues at the beginning, this was a great episode.  The Indian Hill creatures have served a purpose, but are slowly dying out, which I think is good.  The characterization of Ivy also looks to be promising.  There are many subplots occurring so far this season, but it isn’t too many to follow.  I look forward to see how these subplots will merge together, or if they will.

What are your thoughts?  Did you like episode 2?  What do you think will happen with Fish and Strange?  Who do you think Ivy will come after?  Will she throw another wrench in Gordon’s way?  Leave your comments in the usual spot.  Thanks for reading!

Also, here is who you can look forward to for episode 3:




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