– by Emmanuel Gomez

Over the weekend the new trailer for Universal Pictures The Mummy was released giving us a good amount of new information about the film. We learned about how Sofia Boutella’s character Ahmanet ended up as a mummy as well as her plans to shape the world in her image once she is released. In ancient Egypt she had been chosen to be the next queen but ended up having to be removed as her “thirst for power led her down a dark path” as stated in the trailer. Nick Morton, played by Tom Cruise, seems to have stumbled upon not her tomb but her prison and by releasing her he has been somehow bonded with Ahmanet.


Yesterday Universal Pictures also released a TV spot for The Mummy which gives us more details. We are introduced to Russell Crowe’s character, the infamous Dr. Henry Jekyll, who runs an organization that “recognizes, examines, contains and destroys evil” called Prodigium. This to  me is a clear sign of Universal Pictures trying to build a foundation for the monster universe that they are trying to bring back to life. Nick’s character is brought in by Prodigium at one point to presumably help him with his situation. In the trailer they are shown to be very well equipped to handle these type of situations as also evident by the jar with what looks like a vampire’s skull. This sort of reminds me of a S.H.I.E.L.D. like organization but for classic monsters. But of course, the return of Ahmanet has brought upon “the ultimate evil” upon the world and is “like nothing they have ever faced”. 

We also see a couple of moments with both Nick and Ahmanet where it is clear that she is not looking to hurt him, but in fact needs him for something. The one really in danger seems to be Jenny Halsey played by Annabelle Wallis. Nick is going to at some point make some tough choices as “sacrifices have to be made” according to  Dr. Jekyll, what those choices are we are just going to have to wait and see the film. The trailer ends with the disturbing image of Nick’s eye splitting into two just as Ahmanet’s did.

Overall, with the trailer and the TV spot released by Universal we have a good idea about this film’s background and how it’s going to set up future monster movies for Universal Pictures. It will be exciting to see some of our favorite classic movie monsters brought back to the big screen as part of a linking universe presumably by this organization named Prodigium. Check out the trailer and the TV spot and let us know what you think. Also what other classic movie monster would you like to see made?

The Mummy curses theaters June 9th, 2017

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