– by Mark Cook

Last night’s episode brought back an old enemy that we love to see.  With so much going on in Barry’s life it’s amazing how the writers were able to fill in an origin story of the Reverse-Flash.  Although the main story of Zoom didn’t really progress this was an episode that kept me intrigued of how Reverse-Flash played into all of this.

The Good: Reverse-Flash has become the Deathstroke of this show.  No matter how many villians are brought onto this show they will all be compared to the Reverse-Flash.  Just as every villain on Arrow is compared to Deathstroke.  The writers did a great job interlinking the events of last night show and how it would impact the future and the past at the same time.  Just when Barry, Cisco, and Wells thought they had stopped Zoom for good it was revealed that all of the events needed to happen in order for Reverse-Flash to go back and kill Barry’s mom and start the events for Barry to become the Flash.  The incorporation of time travel allows the story to flow this way in comparison to the flashback sequences on Arrow. 

The Bad: The interaction between Jay and Caitlyn seemed to drag out more than needed.  Once Caitlyn told Jay that she was trying to look for his doppelganger to replace his cells to cure him, all Jay needed to say was that the speed force affected his cells and he needed his speed back to cure himself.  Instead we get this drawn out scene to fill up time looking at Jay’s doppelganger as he explains why he can’t be cured. 

The Ugly:  We haven’t seen the main antagonist of this season, Zoom, since the mid-season finale.  Zoom entered with such an impact early on in this season that it seemed that he would be able to take the throne away from Reverse-Flash as best villain. At this point of the season we still don’t have many answers about Zoom, his motives with Wells, or theories on how Barry will beat Zoom.

Overall: This was a great episode that brought back a great enemy in Reverse-Flash.

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