– by Joseph Jammer Medina

One of the elements missing from both MAN OF STEEL and BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE was Kal-El’s alter ego Clark Kent. Sure, we saw plenty of Clark growing up in MOS, but once he made his transition into Superman, we only gotone fleeting scene with Clark. The two most recent Superman films didn’t seem at all interested in “Clark Kent As An Alter Ego.” In fact, for all intents and purposes, they killed off Clark Kent in BvS– meaning that when Superman is resurrected in JUSTICE LEAGUE, he’ll never have to don the glasses again. 

In the books, Clark went missing after the Superman/Doomsday battle. In BATMAN V SUPERMAN, he died. Complete with a funeral service and burial in Smallville. So that’s that, it seems.

But fans that actually see the value in Kal-El having a dual role, have something to excited about. When the Man of Steel makes his first real appearance in the TV series SUPERGIRL, he’ll do so as both Clark and Superman. Tyler Hoechlin, who has been cast in the legendary role, sounds downright excited about that.

When asked if he is as excited to play Clark as he is to put on the big red cape as Superman, in a chat with a Movie Fone, here’s what the actor had to say:

“Oh, absolutely! Absolutely. I think it’s a part that you can’t really … it’s not complete without him. So I’m definitely excited to see both sides of him.”

It’s nice to see how important he finds Clark to be. The actor then went on to discuss what it’s like to be taking on such a huge role, and how he intends to tackle it:

“It’s definitely incredibly humbling and flattering to even be given the chance to do it. And I think, I’m just going to do as much as I can to see how to bring the true spirit of the character to the show.

I know they have instructed me not to talk about it too much before I actually get there and actually do it. I’m excited to just kind of look at it from doing it with a clean slate and not trying to replicate or duplicate anything that’s been done, but just being honest to the story and how they’re writing him.”

Hoechlin is having something of a breakout year. He can currently be seen in Richard Linklater’s EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!!, where he’s gotten great reviews for his work with the revered filmmaker. And now he’s Superman.

We’ll get to see what he does with the role when SUPERGIRL returns on The CW Network later this year.

SOURCE: Movie Fone

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