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With Furious 7 making its way into theaters next week, all eyes have been on the cast lately as they make the rounds promoting the first big blockbuster of 2015. One actor, in particular, is garnering a great deal of attention because of activities that don’t pertain to Furious 7 at all. Tyrese Gibson has been using social media to get the word out, for quite some time, that he’d like to play John Stewart in a new Green Lantern movie. 

Here’s the most recent example, from his Instagram page:

My message to the comic book fans….. I was at home loving my life and relaxing when some fan art like the one in this post popped up on my timeline I was like whoa….. That looks really cool…. So out of innocence I put it up…. And shouted out the artist who locked in the #FanArt it's not about a "Black" superhero it's about the superhero – check the resume folks! I don't need to "campaign" for anything I took the Oath and Im ready to suit up as John Stewart IF it lands this way….. Great seeds have been planted at Warner Bros they know I'm very excited about the possibilities….. #Furious7 is coming #April3 and my last solo album #BlackRose is coming 7.7.15 ( my first single is #DumbShit ft Snoop Dogg VIDEO LINK IN MY BIO! you comic book purist have someone else in mind that you would like to see that's fine….. Fans are fans and should campaign for WHO they believe is best for the role…. Would I hit this role out of the park.???? Are you kidding me… With flying colors…. For now Im gonna sit back and let this game play out… And when I post it's not a "campaign" it's me planting seed….. I'm almost at #5BillionInBoxOfficeRecieptsWorldWide I love playing in HUGE franchise movies I've never claimed to be the BIGGEST star…. I'm just me….. Again.. I'm innocent the John Stewart #FanMade post started this all….. I just wanted to take a few moments and clarify a few things!!! Sending love always…. I repeat… Always….#2020 #GreenLantern #TheOath #GreenLanternDreams

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While chatting with IGN about Furious 7, the actor was asked about the campaign- which he’s now sort of defensively claiming is motivated by fans, not him. Here’s the clip where he discusses the role:

Here, similar to the Instagram post I shared above, he points to his box office receipts to state that he thinks he can be the centerpiece of another franchise. 

But how far has this chatter gone? According to the actor, who spoke exclusively with Vixen Varsity, he actually met with Warner Bros about it. “I won’t tell anything, not gonna speak about what the outcome of the meeting was, but I went to have a meeting, a little something,” he said. In that talk, he again reiterated that this all began because of two fans that reached out to him and sent fan-made posters. They triggered his imagination and, aside from sharing their work, it got him thinking. “I started putting my feelers out there, getting some energy going, and next thing you know, it ended up being on every website, everywhere, just like ‘Green Lantern, Green Lantern, Tyrese as Green Lantern. John Stewart!’,” Gibson enthused. 

So it’s clear that there definitely are fans that would like to see him in the role (or perhaps just think he makes for good model for Green Lantern fan art…ahem), I wonder what YOU think. Latino-Review has a very passionate base of fans that visits every day for the latest stories on these kinds of movies. Are you on the “We Want Tyrese For Green Lantern!” bandwagon?

SOURCE: Instagram / IGN / Vixen Varsity

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