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UPDATE: Umberto Gonzalez from TheWrap has a conflicting report that Jon Spaihts did a draft of Justice League Dark months ago and has since moved on.


Justice League Dark is one of the many DC films that has been mired in turmoil for years. Like The Flash solo movie, JLD has been through multiple writers and directors from the perfectly paired Guillermo del Toro to Doug Liman, who recently departed the project. Earlier this week we shared that JLD had another set-back, going back to the scripting phase after DC had unsuccessful meetings with several directors. At a time when DC is announcing Joker projects left and right, as well as films not even set in the DC Extended Universe, is Justice League Dark still on the docket?

The Hashtag Show now reports that Jon Spaihts is writing Justice League Dark, and he couldn’t be a better choice! Spaihts is known for his work on Prometheus, Doctor Strange, and Passengers, and is also currently working on Van Helsing for Universal’s Dark Universe (which is ironic, because at one point Justice League Dark was titled Dark Universe).

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I know what you are thinking, why is the man who wrote Prometheus and Passengers a good choice? Well, some of the characters in both films may have questionable decision making skills, but Prometheus is rooted in horror and creepy critters, a must have in Justice League Dark. Likewise, JLD would currently be the DC equivalent of Doctor Strange, as the team is comprised of DC’s greatest wielders of magic including John Constantine and Zatanna, in addition to more creature-like teammates Deadman, Etrigan the Demon, and Swamp Thing. An ideal version of Justice League Dark would marry the horrors of Prometheus with the tone of and usage of magic comparative to Doctor Strange. See? Spaihts a good choice and this is a step in the right direction.

I’m relieved every time DC shows commitment to getting Justice League Dark off the ground, as it is a project they could just as well drop without a huge uproar. And JLD may be perfect for DC’s new banner under which their non-DCEU films will fall, as there is absolutely to need for connectivity between it and the larger DCEU; no reason for the team to show up in a future Justice League movie the way bringing the Guardians of the Galaxy into the Avengers eventually was always a foregone conclusion.

Oh, and, as always… Matt Ryan must play John Constantine!

Do you think Jon Spaihts is the right man for the job? Are you interested in a Justice League Dark film? Let us know in the comment section below!

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SOURCE: The Hashtag Show