– by Campbell Clark

The production of Top Gun 2 got underway this week, as you will be aware if you read our report linked in the related section below. Tom Cruise, unsurprisingly, is back in his role of Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchel from the first Top Gun. However, what is surprising is the news that Val Kilmer will also be returning to his iconic Tom ‘Iceman’ Kazanski role from the original movie. Although let’s face it, it’s not half as surprising as news that Goose is back would be, right?

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We have learned that Kilmer will indeed return to his Iceman role for the aviation sequel thanks to TheWrap,  who spoke with an insider in the production.

Iceman and Maverick were rival pilots in the elite Top Gun training program. Both always trying to outdo one another to be the top pilot of the year. The rivalry between the two stars was the backbone of the entire movie and moved the plot along throughout training. Of course at the end of the movie after arguing bare-chested in the showers, coming to an agreement that Maverick was dangerous, and competing at volleyball, (also bare-chested), the two rivals bonded in real combat. The movie ended with Iceman declaring that Maverick could “be my wing-man anytime”, to which Maverick replies, “Hell no, you can be mine”. Thus a mutual respect was added to their ongoing rivalry, aww.

Paramount is refusing to comment on the report at this time, but it now seems a matter of when rather than if, they will officially announce Kilmer’s casting.  Along with insider reports, Kilmer has also been spotted at the hotel the production is using for the shoot, so it’s pretty much a smoking gun.

We obviously have no idea how the plot of this film may come together, we have heard rumors that Cruise’s character would now be an instructor at Top Gun, which leads on from the first movie. So how will Iceman figure into things? Will Iceman and Maverick resume their rivalry at the instructor level, or will Iceman be Maverick’s superior, or perhaps they are just best buds these days. Personally, I’d like to think that as the world diversified they realized their romantic feelings towards one another and now live as a married couple, but I wouldn’t bet on that horse.

Top Gun 2 is due for release on July 12, 2019, watch for an official announcement about Kilmer’s casting soon. I’ll leave further speculation to our readers in the comments section below.

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