– by Emmanuel Gomez

Last March was the release of the brand new series from Valiant Entertainment X-O Manowar. The hero most Valiant fans know is gone, he had gone back to a simple lifestyle being a farmer away from the X-O Manowar armor. This series was going to take us to through a journey with Aric with arcs titled SOLIDER, GENERAL, EMPEROR and VISIGOTH. This week we have finally reached the fourth arc titled VISIGOTH.

We have seen Aric go all the way from being the farmer to the emperor of the entire planet. Now in this fourth arc we will see all of that come crushing down. Beings that he used to call friends and allies are all turning against him for what they believe is the benefit of the planet. This issue beings with Aric trying to fix a water problem only to destabilize a fault line causing the destruction of a city. So we can clearly see that maybe the inhabitants of this planet are right for wanting him out, he is definitely over his head.

Due to all of his shortcomings as emperor a group of conspirators have called in an elite group of bounty hunters to take down Aric, who we met last issue. When they finally confront each other in this issue, we can see that these hunters are as good as they claim to be. Taking down Aric fairly easily by separating him from his armor as they hold some of his closest “friends” hostage. We find out later that the conspirators aren’t trying to kill Aric but just take him out of his position as Emperor. While the hunters talk about what to do about the armor, Aric plans his retaliation.

Valiant has done such a great job developing their different characters. For example, we have seen Ray Garrison aka Bloodshot go on a journey from a killer robot, a human and now a father and everything in between. Currently on Ninja-K we are seeing the same type of story with Colin aka Ninjak. Stories that not only display the characters heroic abilities and flaws but we also have the opportunity to see them in various positions that test them to their limits. The same can be said with this series featuring Aric, it’s a great way to get readers invested in the characters for different story lines in the future, allowing writers to spend less time setting up a character and more time telling a compelling story.

X-O Manowar is great series that I highly recommend. Check out some of the preview pages provided by Valiant Entertainment below. Let us know what you think of the book in the comment section below!

Valiant Entertainment’s X-O Manowar # 11 available in comic shops everywhere today.

Written by Matt Kindt
Artwork by Ryan Bodenheim
Colors by Andrew Dalhouse


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