– by Joseph Jammer Medina

While Venom had a decent amount of notoriety with mainstream fans who had seen Spider-Man 3, many fans of the comic stood by the idea that a movie simply would not work without Spider-Man. Hell, even now, after the Venom film hit theaters, there are plenty of fans out there (even here at LRM Online), who stand by that. But, when all said and done, that didn’t prevent Venom from being a big hit.

As such, a sequel was inevitable, and given how much the movie seemed to work with fans, it made sense to retain all its core elements for said sequel. This includes director Ruben Fleischer. However, not long ago, it was reported that Fleischer was unlikely to return due to scheduling conflicts. Now, Discussing Film is reporting that Fleischer is not returning and that Sony is actively searching for a new director.

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Of course, this is likely kind of a bummer for Sony. No doubt, the odd sense of humor Venom had played a big role in how well some fans seemed to connect with the material — or at least enough people that it broke $850 million worldwide. So, regardless of whether or not you cared for it, it did manage to work on some level.

Are you sad to see Fleischer leaving, or are you happy to see someone else getting an opportunity to tackle the character? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Discussing Film

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