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Ah, Venom, it’s a personal issue I have that makes me despise this film without ever having watched it, it’s not fair really and some of my fellow LRM writers actually enjoyed it. But hey, I don’t have to be fair, I write it the way I see it and I have simply no interest in watching Venom even when it becomes available for home release.

But I guess I am pretty alone in this stance as Venom did spectacularly better at the box office than anyone truly expected, especially given that critical consensus wasn’t great right from the start in the majority of reviews. It’s a certainty after this financial success that despite the critical bagging the movie got, there will be a sequel sooner rather than later, with all signs pointing to October 2020.

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Co-writer Jeff Pinker had said in an interview with Discussing Film that Venom 2 would be happening as covered yesterday by Editor-in-Chief Joseph Jammer Medina (You can check it in the related section above).

What is perhaps a slight surprise is that it seems like Venom 2 will have a new writing team. When Pinker was asked if he would be involved with the sequel he said:

“I am not. As of right now, I am not.”

It’s only a mild surprise here from me because I fully expected Sony to ignore the critique of the movie and focus on the fact it made good money. Instead, it perhaps seems that wisely they are thinking about a new writing team for the sequel.

I say this based on the critical consensus alone I must point out, as I would never suggest a writing team hadn’t done a good job on a movie I haven’t seen, that really would be unfair. It also could be simply a case of Pinker not wanting to comments until it is made official. This is something that was backed up by comments to LRM in a recent Ruben Fleischer interview, where he confirmed the sequel as well.

“I mean, all I can say is that you guys can expect a sequel, but any details other than that, at this time I can’t really talk about.”

I think perhaps the most interesting comment made by Pinker was related to Spider-Man. When Pinker was asked if Spider-Man exists in the same world as Venom he answered.

“Without revealing anything that I’m not allowed to reveal, it is not impossible that in a future/upcoming Venom movie, Spider-Man will play a significant role.”

This, of course, could be another hint that Sony will eventually take back Spider-Man from Marvel (as is their right) and develop their own Spider-Man centric universe once more. The news that probably most MCU fans do not want to hear and yet I think, something most fans have come to accept will happen eventually. I can only hope that we are all very wrong and that Marvel and Sony continue to work together over next few years.

What do you think of Pinker’s comments, would you like to see him back writing the sequel and is there anyone out there who would actually prefer Spider-Man to go back to Sony? Sound off to your heart’s content in the usual place below.

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