– by Joseph Jammer Medina

It’s been a good while since we learned that Venom would be coming to the big screen, and after months of anticipation, production, and news, we now have our first look at the film, which you can check out in the teaser trailer above.

So how does this trailer fare? Well, the majority of it is spent with a lot of scientific imagery, as well as imagery that involves us following Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock going through life. It’s all done with the character’s mellow voice-over that talks about everyone having their own problems and issues they have.

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We see Eddie Brock start shaking while on a hospital bed, as the character states that we have our own demons. Cut to black, and the familiar eyes and mouth of Venom pop up. After a few seconds, they morph into a V…Interestingly enough, it’s never really clarified in-teaser that the V stands for Venom (unless you count the poster at the end).

All in all, it’s an intriguing teaser, but if I had no idea who Venom was, I wouldn’t be sure what they were trying to sell me. All in all, it looks promising, but those who were expecting any look at Venom will be disappointed. As it stands, we didn’t see nearly enough for me to feel positive or negative at any level.

What did you think of the new Venom trailer? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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  • Rez

    As a teaser trailer I thought it was pretty good because it didn’t give anything away and makes you want to see more. The thing that makes me nervous…..Sony

  • TheOct8pus

    Pretty underwhelming, but it’s just a teaser.

    Does anyone know who’s voice that is narrating? It sounds like Terrence Howard to me (I hope not)

    • Joseph Jammer Medina

      I’m pretty sure that’s Hardy.

      • TheOct8pus

        That would make the most sense

    • Gaaamin_It_Up

      It’s Hardy doing his best Terrence Howard, so you’re not far off

  • Mad Barchetta

    Seen from the perspective of someone familiar with the character, it’s not half bad. Seen from (I imagine) the perspective of someone not familiar, I would say this is the video equivalent of that first photo they release. meh. I would have to imagine someone who doesn’t know Venom feeling this is so vague that it doesn’t spark much interest. I would see it as “interesting, but what is it supposed to be about?”
    Maybe my feelings about it are influenced by my minimal influence in the character. I’m just not excited for this.

    • TheOct8pus

      You’re right. To someone unfamiliar with the Venom story, this just looks like a movie about a guy who’s having a bad day.

      • Kindofabigdeal

        I’m getting flashes of “Life” from this, and I don’t mean the Eddie Murphy/Martin Lawrence comedy.

        • Ryan Fink

          You can’t have ma cornbread!!

  • Kevin Motionworkscinema Knight

    It’s ok. They Could’ve flashed Tom Hardy in the Venom suit at the end then of the trailer then I would be hype about this movie. Sorry Sony 2 thumbs down.

  • suckit15694

    meh. I think if your going to use this cat change the character to a British based one . Whats the big deal ? He is a fine actor . I recently saw him in Peaky Blinders and he kicked ass. But his American accent just does not work for me ,

    • Kindofabigdeal

      I liked his accent in Lawless.

      • suckit15694

        yea it was not bad . But his thing is mumbling . If he tries to speak clear with an American accent it is not good

  • Kindofabigdeal

    My thoughts on this teaser? I feel that if they try to link this to the MCU/Spidey it would be like linking Catwoman to Nolan’s Bat trilogy.
    It feels like Sony saw all the buzz going on around teasers and rushed one out even though they haven’t finished rendering Venom. They just got whatever dailies were available and had some production assistant do his best Tom Hardy American accent and put it out. This trailer doesn’t even deserve to have the Marvel logo.

    • JDH523055

      Ma nigga

  • Kamijin1

    I’ll admit I’m curious, I totally see this as an alternative alien origin story. I’ll give them that, but all I’m asking for is no spider logo on the suit. That alone would confuse the story plot. No spider logo PLEASE!

    • oh_riginal

      So, kinda like Dolph Lundgren’s Punisher? Has Sony really taken that many steps backward already? ;-D

  • noahwayne0

    If you didn’t tell me this was a Venom trailer, I wouldn’t have even guessed it was about Venom.

    That is a poor teaser.

  • Nick

    I LOVE Venom in the comics, my favorite villain… this reminds me of the teaser for FANT4STIC… only less interesting. Hopefully future looks show… something… anything? This is the stupid first official photo all over again.

    • oh_riginal

      No, I’d say it’s about AS interesting as the Fant4stic trailer. That trailer was bland as hell too. I remember finding it hilarious that all the teasers and trailers only showed Mr. Fantastic using his powers to… jump a rail. That’s it.

  • M@rvel

    Why show us anything at all?? lol none of that looked ready to show us

  • Wild Dreams

    Them hardly showing anything is exactly the problem, for a movie that shouldn’t even exist in the first place this was a chance to create at least some positive buzz by putting out something at least half way decent but NOPE. Like others have said if they didn’t have the venom logo and just randomly dropped this nobody would even know this BS had anything to do with Venom let alone marvel in general. I’ve said it multiple times Sony really needs to just stick to Playstation.

  • Tonk99

    Hardy cannot carry a film. He is not leading material. He’s bland, dull, has little physical presence and no real defining attributes. This film just looks like a Hulk re-tread. I agree with those who claim this film should not exist.

  • Victor Roa

    Even as a run of the mill teaser goes…. this is on par with Ang Lee’s the Hulk teasers.
    This is how a studio really thinks of “this is our next Deadpool” movie looks like, and if we are lucky we may get something as disastrous as XMen Origins Wolverine.

  • Yerko Vidal Cvitanic

    I’m confused, as I’ve read how Peter Parker got the black suit when he was in Secret Wars. He got rid of it and it ended up with Eddie Brock. Eddie Brock has no super powers, he has to constantly work so the suit does not destroy him because the symbiot alien requires it – which was no problem for Peter Parker. … Because he’s Spiderman, I did not see anything like that in the trailer .. .. Since the story takes place in New York according to the comic, in the trailer it was San Francisco.
    There is no respect for the source material in this trailer and no Venom in it.

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