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So, I wrote three Breaking Geeks about Venom this week, starting with asking myself if I still thought the movie would be good, and ending today with my Spoiler filled review bashing and bashing and bashing the film.

Now, if you’ve seen Venom, or you never plan to, let’s talk about those post-credits sequences, perhaps the best scenes in the film.

Obviously, there be SPOILERS ahead. Read at your own risk!





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Mid-Credits Scene

At the end of the film, Brock says he has secured the interview of a lifetime. We quickly learn who it is (exactly who we expected) in the mid-credits scene: Cletus Kasady, played by Woody Harrelson.

Kasady hasn’t given an interview in years, and will only speak to Brock. As Brock walks in, Kasady is writing “Eddie Brock” in blood in his Silence of the Lambs/Skyfall type cell. Woody’s got the red hair, looking quite a bit younger, and while he has a bigger frame and is even younger in the comics, pulls off a really creepy Kasady that looks to be a cool adaptation of the character for the sequel, ending his scene with the line, “When I get out of here there’s going to be Carnage.”

The audience went wild! More wild than any other scene in the film.

Background for the uninitiated, while Brock is a disgraced criminal in the comics, Kasady is much worse. While we see the film’s version of Eddie only behaving badly when under the influence/control of the Venom symbiote, Kasady is a pretty horrific serial killer BEFORE he gets his symbiote and becomes Carnage.

In the comics, Brock ends up in jail after his first encounter with Spider-Man. His suit finds its way back to him, while Brock shares a cell with Kasady, and Venom spawns a new symbiote that allows Kasady to become Carnage, the most feared symbiote of all in the comics. Forget Riot, Carnage is both Spider-Man and Venom’s greatest foe, to a point where they team up in the comic to defeat him.

In this scene, Kasady does know something about Eddie and the Symbiote… somehow. What else explains his demand to talk to Eddie and no one else?

Post-Credits Clip!

Far easier to explain. Right after reading the song credits, that states the film has music from Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, to which I immediately said, “what?,” we are given a very comic-booky panel that reads, “Meanwhile in another Universe” and gives us an amazing 5 or so minute clip from Sony’s Christmas release! Not a lot to explain here except it looks amazing, especially the three panel shot, and the basis of the film being that Peter Parker is dead in Miles Morales’ universe… until Parker shows up from a different universe, as that is what the film is about, obviously.

A lot of people in the audience were shocked by the tombstone that read Peter Parker, but if you’ve read Ultimate Spider-Man, you know that in the Ultimate Universe, Parker died at the hands of Norman Osborn around the same time Miles Morales was bitten by a radioactive spider that crawled into his uncle’s — the Prowler — bag while Prowler was robbing Oscorp. I don’t think we will see that in the film, but the person following Spider-Man does seem to be him.

Fun fact: that is the character Donald Glover plays in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Miles’ uncle and eventual Prowler.

So, that’s it, I think. Let me know if I missed anything below!

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