– by Joseph Jammer Medina

All right, marshmallows, if you haven’t allowed yourself to get excited about the upcoming Veronica Mars revival, then now’s the time. Most of the main cast has seemingly hopped on board this new Hulu limited series, and now we’re starting to round out some of the supporting characters. This next confirmation comes in the form of the Oscar-winning J.K. Simmons.

According to TVLine, Simmons will be hopping on board the mystery train in the recurring role of Clyde Prickett, who Hulu describes as follows:

“[Clyde Prickett is] an ex-con who served 10 years for racketeering, and was smart enough to be the first guy in Chino to offer protection to Neptune’s richest real estate developer, Big Dick Casablancas (David Starzyk), on Big Dick’s first day in prison. Now a free man, Clyde works as Big Dick’s fixer. He’s the smarter and more dangerous of the pair, and he has a network of fellow ex-cons he can count on to keep his own hands clean.”

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While this is, by no means, a confirmation that he’ll be a baddie, but it certainly sounds like it. Though this does at least let us know that this ties directly into Season 2 and 3 of the series. The second season saw the crimes that landed Big Dick and prison, and the third saw him counting down his days before heading into the big house itself (can we take a minute to appreciate someone named Dick and another named PRICKett working together). It’s kinda nice that they’re actually following up on these older threaders rather than diving into something completely new.

Unlike the main series, however, don’t expect there to be a case of the week in addition to an overarching one. From the sound of it, this limited series will only comprise of one major case over its eight episodes, which works just fine for me. In many ways, it makes it feel a lot more like novel, which is A-OK for me.

Are you happy to see someone of Simmons’ acting skills hopping onto the revival? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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