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Villeneuve Takes A Pop At Marvel But Does He Have A Point

Denis Villeneuve takes a pop at Marvel movies, I guess it was just his turn to come after Scorsese? However, unlike Scorsese, I can kinda see Villeneuve’s point with his criticisms. Villeneuve promoting his upcoming Dune Part 1, spoke about Marvel movies in two interviews recently. Translations are from CBM.

During an interview with Elmundo, Villeneuve said

“there are too many Marvel movies that are nothing more than a cut and paste of others.”

Then in an interview with with Premiere, the director of Dune went into a bit more detail.

“The problem today… well, if we’re talking about Marvel, the thing is, all these films are made from the same mold. Some filmmakers can add a little color to it, but they’re all cast in the same factory. It doesn’t take anything away from the movies, but they are formatted.”

When Scorsese took a pop at Marvel he claimed the movies were not cinema., and more like a theme park ride. I never understood that sentiment and it came off as purely personal taste to me. However I can sort of see where Villeneuve is coming from. He’s not saying all Marvel movies are the same, and they are bad. Villeneuve is saying that too many of the movies are copy-paste jobs which don’t really add anything new. Now looking back at the MCU as a whole, it’s hard to disagree with that.

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That being said, I also think Feige is aware of this and is trying to be more ambitious. The problem is, that the formula they established works, and makes money. Which despite what Villeneuve might think, is the only reason he is given big budgets to make his movies. For Feige and Marvel Studios, the balance is then to forge new paths whilst still keeping the core make-up of the MCU intact. Whether that is achieved, is something each fan must assess for themselves with each new project. So far in Phase 4 I can see what Feige is trying to do, but not all the landings have stuck for me.

Another problem could be that if Marvel Studios push the envelope too far, they will lose the casual audience who normally wouldn’t go see a superhero movie. I know many people who would never go see a Star Wars movie, or a Batman movie even, but they will watch the MCU. It’s as sure as death and taxes that at some point the audience will get tired, or Marvel will make a series of errors and then that’s that. But for right now, I think most comic book fans are just happy to see so much interesting content.

What do you think of his comments as Denis Villeneuve takes a pop at Marvel movies


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