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For those not in attendance at this weekend’s D23 Expo, there were many reveals, info dumps, announcements, and artwork revealed for the likes of Marvel, Star Wars, and many more.

One such reveal was Andy Park’s poster artwork for WandaVision which you can catch in full below. We know that WandaVision is coming to Disney + some time in 2021 and should be finishing its run prior to Doctor Strange in the Madness of the Multiverse. Scarlet Witch is of course due to appear in that movie as well, though to what capacity we don’t yet know. It would make sense that the events of WandaVision will drive directly into the Doctor Strange sequel, but exactly how much one will drive the other is unknown.

You can see the 50’s aesthetic that star Elizabeth Olsen hinted at some time ago here. In fact, there looks to be a huge amount of inspiration taken from Tom King’s run on Vision, which saw the android creating a family for himself. Though it must be pointed out that in that comic run, Wanda Maximoff was not the mother, instead Vision created an android ‘wife’. King himself took to social media, clearly noticing the similarities to his work and he sounds very excited.

We can also look to other comic runs for inspiration here as there was also a comic book that dealt with Wanda and Vision going off and making a home for themselves, though the writers and artists involved in that one escape me right now, maybe that was King as well? My comic book knowledge very much begins and ends in the ’80s, but I recall the cover art of Wanda and Vision dealing with neighbors asking them to leave the area clearly. (if anyone can find this one, share with me and I’ll add in the image.)

The poster itself features many other clues as to what is going on here, especially when you consider Vision is currently deceased, expired, bought the farm, and kicked the bucket in the MCU. The shadows cast behind the characters here show the android version of Vision including a little spot for the Mind Stone, as well as what looks like a comic-accurate costume for Wanda also.

If I had to guess, and I will, it seems like Wanda has used her powers to alter reality in some way, whether that’s going into another reality or taking Vision from another reality, and they seem to be living in either the ’50s or ’60s. I’d guess in the ’50s simply from Olsen’s previous comments on a 50’s vibe.

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King’s book read more like a sitcom to begin with, and funnily enough, Marvel referenced The Dick Van Dyke Show as an inspiration behind the series. I’m sure there will be more to this than a light-hearted sitcom set in the past, but this may well be how things begin for WandaVision when it launches. I’d also guess that as the show begins we won’t know what the hell is going on and we’ll only find out why this has happened as the series progresses.

What do you think of the poster for WandaVision and its comic book inspirations? Leave your thoughts and hopes in the usual space below.

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SOURCE: D23, Tom King (via Twitter)