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Just last week, I shared with you all an update on Bourne 5 from producer Frank Marshall. At the time, Marshall said the script was done, casting was set to begin, and that locations were being scouted. Well, we now know more about the locations and the timeline for the production.

According to Estrenos De Cina, the fifth film in the Bourne franchise- which will reunite star Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass- will be filming a huge chunk of the film in Spain. How much time are they spending there, exactly? Five weeks, starting in September and crossing over into October. They’ll be setting up shop in Tenerife, Spain to be exact. The site claims that the entirety of the film will be shot there, but I’m skeptical that they could complete a blockbuster of this size in just five weeks. There have to be more locations. I could be wrong.

Word has it that most of the locations being used there will be in urban areas, and primarily at night. 

The currently untitled Bourne 5 is set to premiere on July 29, 2016. 

SOURCE: Estrenos de Cine