We Need A Bioshock TV Series Says The Boys Star – He’s Not Wrong

Bioshock director Francis Lawrence talks the progress and tone of the upcoming adaptation for Netflix

We need a Bioshock TV series! For those perhaps unfamiliar, Bioshock was a trilogy of games that came out during the PS360 generation. The games were well received by most fans and critics. Personally, I consider the first Bioshock game to be one of my favorite gaming experiences of all time.

There has been some talk here and there about whether Bioshock could be adapted to the visual medium? Nothing solid has ever materialized though, yet. Now, The Boys star Jack Quaid has added his voice to those clamoring for a Bioshock TV series. Quaid recently spoke with ComicBook.com and talked about his desire to see Bioshock on screens. Quaid seems to agree with me that a TV series would work best, though we actually disagree on the start point.

“I think they should make a TV show out of Bioshock. A movie’s too small…..I mean, I literally have the skyhook over here, but Infinite‘s good. I think it’s simpler and just more interesting with the very first one….And Minerva’s Den in two is amazing, but yeah, they’ve got to do it someday.”

A TV series is definitely the only way you can tell a Bioshock story. A movie just wouldn’t give you enough time to explore the societies depicted. Honestly, in Bioshock that’s a big part of the charm of the games. As alluded to above, where I disagree with Quaid is the start point. Whilst I concede that Bioshock: Infinite was more of a standalone story, the real twists and turns in that story were its intriguing connections to the original Bioshock game. The plasmid technology (powers) in Columbia, all came from Rapture where the first game was set. And that is despite Rapture not existing until the 1950’s whereas Columbia was the late 1800’s.

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we need a Bioshock TV series

The horror element is also most prevalent in the first Bioshock game, as well as that aesthetic of an undersea city. The claustrophobia of Rapture would lend itself really well to a TV show. It also does not have to be the story presented in the game itself, intially. A Bioshock TV series could tell the story of Rapture’s collapse into anarchy to begin with. That would be an interesting story to tell and could lead up to the point of the story of Bioshock.

If a Bioshock TV series was successful, why not then create a sequel series set in Columbia which starts to play with what you think you know about the original show? I see shades of Watchmen, Westworld, and The Boys in Bioshock, and that has to be worth exploring surely?

Do you agree with Quaid and myself, do we need a Bioshock TV series? Now, would you kindly leave your thoughts below in the usual place.

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SOURCE: ComicBook.com

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