– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Hollywood has been set ablaze with scandals in recent months, with bigwigs like Harvey Weinstein being brought down by cascades of accusations for sexual harassment. One other such man to be hit with accusations is none other than Walt Disney Animation and Pixar head John Lasseter.

The renowned animation director and creative head was accused of such actions as giving unwanted kisses on the lips to female staff, groping women next to him during meetings, and providing a generally hostile work environment for women. This behavior is something that’s apparently been an open secret for some time, and even the folks at Disney had meetings regarding his behavior.

So what went wrong here? How is it that someone as seemingly wholesome as Lasseter ended up doing such horrible things? The opinion of Innovate the Pixar Way co-author Bill Capodagli is a bit ironic.

“I don’t think John ever grew out of his childlike enthusiasm — that’s probably what got him into trouble. John didn’t have any boundaries. With the hugging and kissing and things like that, you have to know your audience and be aware of when people are uncomfortable with that kind of behavior.”

A little bit odd that it’s his “childlike enthusiasm” that could lead him to this kind of inappropriate behavior, isn’t it? Whether you believe it or not is one thing, but either way, Lasseter is pretty much in time out at this point.

We’ll see what ends up happening with his career once the dust settles, and his six month leave of absence is done.

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SOURCE: Variety

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