– by Joseph Jammer Medina

If the online reaction hasn’t been enough to convince, fans and critics alike seem to have very strong opinions about the brand new Star Wars: The Last Jedi. More and more, it sounds like audiences went in with very specific expectations of what they wanted to happen, and by the time the credits rolled, they were left unsatisfied.

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But what does this ending mean for the upcoming and final installment of this trilogy, Star Wars: Episode IX? We take a deep dive into where the film leaves us, and go on to speculate as to what it can mean for the 2019 sequel.

If you have not seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, then you should look away now, or forever be spoiled.







Rey & The Resistance

The conclusion of Star Wars: The Last Jedi found Rey actively accepting her role as a Jedi of the Light Side. After facing an internal struggle that involved both Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren, she fully embraced what it means to be a force for good, and a member of the Resistance against The First Order.

She hasn’t been trained by Luke, but she managed to snag the books from the Jedi Temple, and will likely be utilizing them down the line (more on that later).

The Resistance has been left with roughly 10 people. A beacon has been lit to their old allies, but none replied (yet). All the same, they lived to fight another day against the First Order. Now, all they need do is regroup and strategize on where to go next.

Princess Leia

The passing of Carrie Fisher was very unexpected, and with her passing, it was expected (and almost desired) that Star Wars: The Last Jedi kill off General Leia, so that her character would not be written out of Star Wars: Episode IX.

However, despite the numerous opportunities writer-director Rian Johnson had to kill her off, by the end of the credits, she had survived along with the remaining members of the Resistance. That being said, she seemed to have accepted her fading role in this new Resistance, with her literally saying, “What are you looking at me for? Follow [Poe],” when the group looked to her for advice.

It was a proverbial passing of the torch, though still not one that could satisfactorily explain where she disappears to in the upcoming film. Read on to see how Episode IX could handle Fisher’s death.

Kylo Ren & The First Order

While Rey has accepted her place as a Force user of the Light Side, Kylo Ren has fully accepted his place as a Force user of the Dark Side. He killed his master, Supreme Leader Snoke, and taken on the role as Supreme Leader of the First Order, with General Hux being used as his lapdog.

By the end of the film, the First Order is reigning supreme, and it will undoubtedly begin tightening its grip across the entire galaxy. But where does this leave Kylo Ren and the First Order in Episode IX? Again, read on to see how this all may come together.

How Star Wars: Episode IX May Begin

Keep in mind, this is all incredibly speculative, but here’s where I personally think the film can start out.

The end of Star Wars: The Last Jedi hinted that the Resistance would be the force that lights up the rebellion across the galaxy. When that’s said, they cut to the stableboy on Canto Bight, who we see is actually a Force user. While I don’t necessarily think we’ll be following him, the hint here is that this rebellion will take some time to form, as those seeds that were planted in Canto Bight (and across the galaxy) will take some time to mature.

Star Wars: Episode IX can begin five to ten years after the events in The Last Jedi. In that time, several things will have happened.

1) Kylo Ren will have settled into his role as the Supreme Leader, and the First Order will have slowly tightened its grip on many parts of the galaxy.

2) Rey will have worked hard, using those Jedi books, to train herself up as a self-taught Jedi warrior. Heck, she could have even perhaps gone around the galaxy in search of Force users herself. Perhaps she can have a small army of Jedi with her that can be their trump card against the First ORder.

3) The Resistance will have had time to rebuild, and quietly become a sizable force that can take on the First Order. This stuff doesn’t happen overnight, and considering just how low on men they were by the end of The Last Jedi, some real time would be needed in order for them to put up a believable fight.

4) Leia will have passed away right before the opening of the film, and her death will be the final thing to kick the Resistance into motion. It may seem like a cop-out, but given how much of an impact she had, her death would reverberate throughout the galaxy, and she would be looked at as one of the most important people in history. It’s exactly the type of thing that will be needed to force Rey, Poe, and the rest to accept the fact that they are ready. The final remnant of a previous generation is gone, and this universe is now officially theirs to protect. This would allow her living in The Last Jedi not to be wasted, while still giving her character the gravitas she deserves.

What do you think of my take on how Star Wars: The Last Jedi sets up Episode IX? What are your own thoughts? Let us know down below!

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  • Duck O’Death

    Star Wars : Episode IX – The New Jedi

  • Shonuff

    This is the problem with some fanboys. They want a direct rehash of what they love from the original three. I found TLJ refreshing, smart, and unpredictable. What’s the alternative here fellas? We get a Snoke backstory and then either one of two things happen: a rehash of ROTJ or Luke faces off against Snoke while Rey takes on Kylo. This is a rehash of ROTS. Instead we got a movie that challenges what the Force actually means and heroes who make mistakes and misjudges situations. We now have two individuals who are strong in the Force but raw and inexperienced. I look forward to how it ends.

    • Vector

      I look forward to the follow up trilogy in 30 years where they show Rey, Poe, and Finn to have become absolute failures whose triumphs were all undone off screen in the interim.

      • Shonuff

        Failures? Oh, you mean a hero who failed his nephew, sister, and best friend who needed a spark to redeem himself. Probably won’t redo that whole scenario in thirty years. Would be to much like this trilogy. That’s the point I was trying to make above.

      • Brafdorf

        Obi-Wan did the same thing in the original

        • Vector

          “It’s like poetry, it rhymes.” – George Lucas, LOL

          • Brafdorf

            I love all the fandom in here – everyone crushes these new movies for personal issues that should exist for the original films.
            All this nostalgia coloring perspectives

          • Vector

            That’s the whole point of fandom. It’s not about someone else’s idea of objectivity, it’s driven by one’s personal bias and passions.

            I no more really care if people like this movie, anymore than someone should be upset that I don’t. At the end of the day, we are only talking about ultimately disposable entertainment.

          • Loveblanket

            Wrong, I am an original fan who saw 4,5, and 6 when they came out and Star Wars has always been a big thing for me and I completely embraced episode 7 and loved Rogue One. E8 is a shit storm that was so bad my friends 11 year old was asking questions about obvious plot holes on the ride home. If an 11 year old can catch the endless holes in your plot, then a room full of people making 7 and 8 figures should have easily snuffed them out.

    • DAH

      My only problem with Snokes demise is….Kylo Ren and Hux are not as interesting….heck even Phasma was way cooler and more intriging than them two put together…Kylos a whinging b*tch like Anakin….

      • Madara7

        My problem with Snoke in general, including his unexpected demise, is the enormous narrative chasm between him as the villain and Palpatine as the villain, when looking at all 9 movies as a contiguous story.

        Six movies, over 12 hours of content, were produced with Palpatine serving as the main antagonist both in the back- and foreground.

        The ‘saga continues’ with a third trilogy, and the new antagonist, never before hinted about, takes over the Empire as a powerful force user/dark sider himself with zero connection to the villain that came before? Zero connection to the chosen one/Vader to boot?

        All of the heroes, the Skywalkers in particular, and thus Ben Solo, would never be what they were if not for Palpatines actions… that’s a lot of narrative momentum to flush down the drain… but flush they did.

      • Brafdorf

        Kylo is one of the best characters in Star Wars now. But to each their own

    • Loveblanket

      As a devout fanboy here, I do not want more of the same, but that is what I got. It’s not a retread of Empire, but it’s the same shit. This isn’t original, it’s another mix tape of the tired ass original trilogy. Not to mention it’s just a poorly acted film with a boring story so full of holes I actually laughed out loud to myself when they pretended that somehow the imperial fleet just couldn’t make a jump to lightspeed for a couple seconds to overtake the rebels. This is a story that could be bested by kids in middle school. Second worst Star Wars movie after E1, hands down imho.

    • Loveblanket

      You found TLJ smart, really? What was smart about the stupid starship chase sequence when there are 100 obvious solutions for the new order. What was smart about not having the guts to have Kylo and Rey team up to bring down Snoke and the First Order and instead just turning Kylo into a cackling villain that against all Star Wars stands for has been declared lost by his own mother, the same mother who embraced Luke whose fault it was for creating Kylo by trying to kill him? What was smart about the episode 1 style cartoonish CGI character bullshit in the casino, or the awful and pointless DJ character? That was the worst movie since episode 1 and no I don’t want everything to be like E1-6. Hell in reflection I only really liked E4 and 5 anyway. I want something new and nothing here is new.The irony is that you are the fanboy for embracing this idiotic mess of a film despite it having more holes than a planet sized brick of swiss cheese. There’s nothing to look forward to. They won’t end the Skywalker series with Kylo and the first order winning, so a new group of Jedi under Rey will kill Kylo and the missing Knights of Ren along with a bunch of new rebel characters we won’t know long enough to care about and the credits will roll and the Skywalker line will be over. Disney blew it and so did that hack Johnson.

  • Lenin1959

    “she managed to snag the books from the Jedi Temple” – When? Luke interrupted her when she found them, and Yoda burnt the tree and the books even saying that Rey doesn’t need them because she already knows everything what is in them. How does she know that? We don’t know and most likely will never know – she is just better than the Chosen One (who has been trained by Yoda, Obi, and other jedi master for years) because…. REASONS! Female superiority! There’s a reason, right?

    “the stableboy on Canto Bight, who we see is actually a Force user” – Do we see this? When? I saw a boy who held his broom like a light saber – does this make him a Force user?

    • oh_riginal

      The books supposedly can be seen onboard the Millennium Falcon toward the end of the film.

      The boy pulls the broom to his hand with the force.

    • Shonuff

      Might want to give the movie another watch. Looks like you missed a couple of things.

      • Lenin1959

        I will watch it again in a few weeks when I have digested what has happened. Nevertheless, she DOES NOT need the books. Yoda said so – at least in the movie that I have watched. Did you miss this scene?

        • Spaceman Spiff

          Luke did not need the books, that doesnt mean Rey doesnt. Also, ever consider the all knowing Yoda knew the books were no longer in the tree/temple?

          • Lenin1959

            Okay, watch the movie again: Yoda SAYS that she does not need the books. Do you know better than our little green friend?

          • Madara7

            She doesn’t know she does not need the books. Going by the precedent of Luke’s ‘journey’ as a Jedi, she’ll be an old hag before she realizes this herself.

            In the meantime, she’ll benefit in the immediate by becoming more powerful via the wisdom inherent to the books (which Yoda concedes they contain), only to later realize those things are not as important as [insert life lesson here].

          • Lenin1959

            It is not about her not understanding she does not need the books, it is about the fact that Yoda said that she does not need them. Stop the spindoctoring. And he also says what this life lesson is: failure. It is all in the movie, you know…

          • Madara7

            Spindoctoring? What in the hell are you even on about? I’m pointing out what’s there, a possible observation you may have missed on first viewing; I’m not even commenting on whether or not it’s well written, just discerning what they meant and what it could mean for later in the series.

            So is your take that she should’ve known what an ancient Jedi that’s one with the force knows? It’s not plausible for her to have stolen those books, in her ignorance of this fact, off-screen? Is that your original issue, that you didn’t explicitly see her take the books? Not sure anymore.

          • Lenin1959

            And still you ignore what Yoda said in the movie and tell me I missed the most important parts? Block list, you are on – says Yoda.

          • Madara7

            I didn’t say you missed the most important parts, that was some other commenter, I only referred to one observation or interpretation of a specific detail in a specific scene.

            What I do see now is that you’re taking the breath and depth of what Yoda said entirely too far, and too literal.

            Not because you’re dumb, I could see why you would, the whole thing is not terribly well written, but that doesn’t mean my take is any less valid.

            The context of the scene is to compel Luke to do as Rey is doing and return to the conflict. Her following her instinct of confronting the bad guys is the right thing. So even if she loses out on all the peripheral wisdom in the books it doesn’t matter, the ‘seed’ of a great Jedi is there, shes living the ‘meatiest’ most important part of what those books could possibly teach, and Luke should wake up and appreciate that.

            So no, Yoda does not literally mean she knows how to absorb force lightening, per the teachings in the book (as a hypothetical, just an example), he means shes acting and living in accordance to the core teachings (the philosophical sort). Hence, in the end Luke is able to say, he’s not the last Jedi at all.

          • Joseph Jammer Medina

            To be fair, Yoda says the books had nothing Rey didn’t possess…he likely knew she possessed the books, so…

          • Lenin1959

            Yes, the books had nothing Rey didn’t possess – not Rey is already in possession of the books. Big difference, right?

    • DAH

      as he walks out of the stable/building….he pulls the broom from the wall with the force….with very little effort as he is running outside whilst looking at the stars, he does it extremely fast and very matter of fact..as if hes done it a 1000 times before….I did not notice it the first time I watched the film, But my friend did, we went to watch it the 2nd time..and I noticed it…

      • Lenin1959

        Despite me not seeing this, I DID understand the Luke moment he had. The young boy watching the stars and fantasizing about being out there. I will watch the movie again in a few weeks and will take another look at the broom scene.

  • DAH

    I loved benecio del toros character..I hope hes in the next one…

    • Loveblanket

      You can’t be for real. He’s a stuttering prick that’s in the movie for a few minutes and adds nothing. Worst performance of his career.

    • El Lioncourt

      Worst character in Star Wars. Even worse than Jar Jar. Yes I said that.

      • Cincinasty

        Yeah no.

  • Loveblanket

    I will never apologize to the type of people that care if there’s a black stormtrooper, but to the people that told me Disney was going to destroy Star Wars and I mocked them because I enjoyed E7 and Rogue One, I apologize. This is tied with Episode 1 as being the worst crap Star Wars has ever had to offer. I’m still so angry after seeing it a couple hours ago, I don’t even care enough to get into the specifics. If this is the future of Star Wars, I’ll just pretend the OT were the only Star Wars films, enjoy them and move on, because this film is absolute shit. I hated almost every moment of it and the parts I liked were destroyed by where the story went. Star Wars has now been overcome by the Michael Bay mentality and with the money it’s making, it will never be the same. Hopefully a new Sci-fi IP will come along and take the torch with something bold and new, but probably not. Fuck The Last Jedi.

    • Triple M

      You are not alone. This was the end for Star Wars.

      • Shieldwolf

        He’s not alone, but not everyone agrees with him – or you. I loved it as did everyone I saw it with and right now it’s solidly top 3. It didn’t take the easy path nor an expected path, but it showed a world after in Star Wars after the Skywalkers and I am cool with that. Luke went out like a badass, at peace and at the same time saving others. I honestly don’t agree with the nerd rage going on with this film – it’s like a rorschach test, it’s fascinating it’s like we saw different movies.

        • Triple M

          Sorry… I’ll put it another way

          ” You are not alone
          And you are 100% right ”

          It didn’t take the easy path or the expected path… unless you expected it to be awful.

          It was terrible, but I’m glad you seem to like it as a set up for more of this crap.

          When you calm down and try to make sense of the plot you’ll see what a pile of trash it was.

          And Luke was horrible, the movie did the same for him as it did for Han.
          Nothing good.

          • Shieldwolf

            It sounds like you need to calm down not me. I enjoyed a well made movie and I’ve read all the complaints and I get them I simply disagree. I’m sorry you hate the movie this much and feel that another different movie should have been made for you, If that’s what you really think you should reflect on whether you need to see it again with more open eyes or give up on the series. Ranting on a board isn’t going to make you feel any better. I was heartbroken by the Phantom Menace amd the entire prequel trolilogy TBH and spent a lot of time venting about those. History has proven I was right but I wasted time and energy better spent on more productive endeavours.

            You are in the minority on this and I’m sure that’s frustrating and your hate seems to be pretty palpable. Hopefully you either come to piece with this or come around. Either way it doesn’t matter one iota what you think the movie SHOULD have been episode IX now has a trajectory just as VIII did from TFA this is the future and maybe JJs more mainstream tone will suit you better. Personally I loved this as I did The Force Aekens l, which I liked more I think but time will tell. This movie wasn’t what I expected or in fact wanted but that is not a reason to hate it. In fact it is a reason to like it. It challenged the audience and screwed with this preconceived notions. This led to genuine surprise and inability to guess what was going to happen next which I found very refreshing.

          • Triple M

            Ranting huh?
            Exactly how many lines did you just write?
            Seems there’s a big discrepancy in people’s reactions to this movie, I’m not in the minority.

            As for TFA, it was so bad that even this movie tried to ignore it. The consensus on TFA seems to have changed dramatically too.

            After the hype dies down people do eventually figure these things out.
            Well… most people.

            Still, maybe you enjoy long drawn out casino sequences that have no bearing on anything and make no sense at all.
            You’re allowed to like that sort of thing… doesn’t mean it’s good.

          • Shieldwolf

            Dude a a long post isn’t a rant if I’m not complaining or being negative you were I’m not. Also just because there is discrepancies in reaction doesn’t mean you are in the majority the audience reviews amd pols don’t show that.majority of people share your opinion that his movie is bad. Especially your ultra bleak reaction that it is disaster. FYI it got am ‘A’ cinemascore exit poll rom fans which is very high (same as TFA and Rogue One). I’ll grant there is m lot of net rage on it for sure in some quarters but understand that your opinion (no matter how convinced you are that it is right) is not widely shared – some agree with you but many people posting and venting and agreeing on places like this are doing so out of frustration. The ones like me who enjoyed it are living our lives having seen a good movie. I’m posting only because I love movies and I’m curious about your opinion and reaction and also a little also to defend a movie I greatly enjoyed (as did most others).

    • axebox

      I just can’t understand what it is that was so bad. Certainly not worse than any of the prequels. Certainly not worse than the 110% fan service we got with The Force Awakens. Certainly didn’t ask a billion questions and answered nothing.

  • El Lioncourt

    Disney has so screwed up the post-ROTJ Star Wars story now, my own personal canon at this point. are all the Legends books I read as a teenager. Give me my Thrawn, Exar Kuhn ghost, Mara Jade, and Solo twins. Yeah even the silly cloned Emperor is canon to me now. Fuck these new movies.

    • axebox

      Those books had interesting ideas but were far from perfect, and had far younger versions of the original trilogy characters.

      • El Lioncourt

        Agreed on all that, but take an idea like Thrawn emerging from the Unknown regions a 30 year mission from Palpatine. He finds his Empire gone and a new republic still trying to pull the galaxy together. Luke has a small Jedi academy up and several fully trained knights already. It’s not hard to write a starting premise that has everyone older and doesn’t feel like a retread of the OT and makes new and old fans happy.

  • Victor Roa

    the thing is…. how bad was Colin Treverow’s script for ep 9? Like I am afraid JJ Abrams is gonna toss out a lot of ideas Rain Johnson did because they are too far out of his own wheelhouse? Abrams is all about plot twists but they are always safe because someone else did them before and better. The children ending really does fulfill the promise of “force awakens.”
    And second….. ILM needs to stop everything, take a plane to UK, get down on all four and beg Framestore for their Robert Downey Jr Civil War CG work before they even attempt Jedi Leia.

  • Unc Sam

    If there’s one thing I’d beg JJ to do with episode 9 it would be to make the First Order dangerous again.

    For the most part they were reduced to slapstick comedy, Hux was an embarrassment. Compare to how Admiral Ozzle’s 1 instance of incompetence (if that’s what it was) was dealt with…. Phasma’s role in the 2 movies, well, I hoped for a lot more in the second one but we saw how that ended up.

    • Brafdorf

      Outside of main villains like Snoke, Vader, or the Emperor the armies are typically mindless and dumb.
      The repeated design for the Death Star is evidence enough

      • Unc Sam

        The Empire was pretty dangerous in Rogue One. There weren’t any obviously stupid decisions or incompetent actions, and the film was better for it.

        Compare with Hux. That bs about Ren and his TIES having to withdraw because they’d not have cover? If Hux had bothered to look out of the window he’d have seen Ren was managing just fine, that he wasn’t getting any cover anyway and that cover for starfighters has never never been an issue in Star Wars. Just outright incompetence.

        Agree about the Death Star. It looked cool but it was a plain stupid idea.

        • Brafdorf

          Rogue One is an offshoot about the darkness of war. A close up look at soldiers.
          It’s the only film in the entire series you could argue that because they aren’t ancillary anymore.

          • Unc Sam

            A close up look at soldiers as well as the command hierarchy. It doesn’t make it a bad example.

            I’d make the same argument for Ep 5. Empire also very effective in that film.

            In fact, of the movies to feature the Empire (4,5,6, RO) they were competent in half of them.

          • Brafdorf

            They made the same design flaw in the death star each time. They allowed their plans to be stolen twice.
            The Stormtroopers are completely brainless in the original trilogy.
            They were defeated by teddy bears with rocks in slingshots

            At no point do the empire soldiers feel threatening. Just Vader and Palpatine

          • Unc Sam

            There are 2 facets to this, the general competence of the Imperials and the shocking lack of competence of the First Order.

            Hux’s command incompetence is particularly breathtaking and a low for the franchise. Other than massacring a village the FO have done very little to establish their credentials as an army to be feared.

            The Empire were competently run & threatening in parts of 4, all of 5, none of 6 and all of RO….as well the second half of 3 if we’re counting that as the Empire.

          • Brafdorf

            The real problem is there’s no character like Hux in the original trilogy. There’s no imperial rival to Vader answering to Palpatine.
            Hux is many people’s problem with the incompetence of the First Order but he’s a character we haven’t had previously. So I don’t know that it’s fair to compare.

            The First Order wiped out several planets in Force Awakens on top of that massacre though. On-screen they’ve maybe killed more than the Emperor’s forces did.

          • Unc Sam

            Ah but there are.

            GM Tarkin and Admiral Piett are both analogous. Would Episode 4 have been improved by Tarkin yelling and ranting in a lunatic way, by giving orders that have no military basis, by not apparently knowing the capabilities of his own assets? It’s a reasonable comparison, not in the least because one is supposedly the successor state to the other.

            The FO wiped Hosnian Prime and its moons. I deliberately left out superweapon kills as it’s generally not a good measure of military competence.

  • Mad Barchetta

    Was going to post something more in-depth, but I see that most of what is happening at the moment is akin to the reaction to Age of Ultron, in which a but of people whose expectations and own pre-developed stories were not met by this story, so they virulently hate it for not being what they wanted.

    It’s a shame. Fan expectations can do more to destroy enjoyment of a movie than anything else. I’ll leave you all to your complaining.

    • Triple M

      No.. there’s fan expectation, and then there’s total disregard for what has gone before.
      Having said that, if they want the fanbase, then they get the fans, simple as that.

      Batman V Superman let down fan expectation, but that wasn’t why it was crap.

      We’ll leave you to your low standards.

      • Brafdorf

        Comparing to Bat v Supes is hyperbole, the movie had flaws but nothing near that

        • Triple M

          No one said it was as bad as BvS… then again, not much is.

          The point was that both movies were bad regardless of fan expectation

          Last Jedi wasn’t just a bad movie because it took a dump on well loved characters.

          • Mad Barchetta

            Ok. In, your opinion, where this movie went wrong, BESIDES in the context of not delivering plot lines that fans wanted? How exactly did it take a dump on what has come before? Most of what I have been reading is people angry that
            1. Rey doesn’t have any special connection to older characters.
            2. That Snoke isn’t some past character in disguise or reborn or a clone.
            3. That Luke had a moment of weakness that had terrible consequences, leading him to give up on the Jedi and go into hiding.

            I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two points, but frankly the whole thing is getting a bit tiring. Other than two plot holes (every film will have at least one or two), I have yet to hear anything that objectively shows this film as being bad, as opposed to being a film that lots of people feel upset about because it didn’t do what they wanted it to do.

          • randomironicname

            #1 kind of bothered me a bit but I didn’t care about #2,3. I just saw this afternoon and still digesting it. I thought there was some really uneven storytelling but haven’t formed my thoughts into anything cohesive yet. The were a few things that I found distracting.

            A-Benecio Del Toro’s character was unnecessary (as was the whole Casino planet).
            B-Why was Leia in a coma during the slow pointless chase scene.
            C-Why kill off Snoke before really establishing him as a threat.
            D-Poe’s humor in that opening battle scene.

          • Mad Barchetta

            Fair enough. I know lots of people are bothered that Rey isn’t connected to pre-established characters. I’m fine with it for a couple reasons: given all the connectivity already seen, especially in the prequels, doing that again just stretches credibility for me – a whole frickin’ galaxy and all these main characters are related all the time?; it makes her journey all her own without any family cycles (like with the Skywalkers) to determine her destiny.

            A – I’m not so sure it was completely pointless. It gave us a good plot twist and their time on the casino planet is what inspired those stable kids to someday join the rebellion. Seeds I think we’ll see come to fruition in the finale.
            B – Well, seems plausible, given she was expose to the vacuum of space. I thought perhaps it would be the way they’d kill her off, since they have to. I think mostly it contributed to Poe’s arc as he learned another lesson about leading a command. I think I’ll have to wait to the second viewing to flesh out those thoughts more. I may change my mind.
            C – I kinda say “why not?” One of the things that happened in Eps V & VI is that Vader’s threat was downgraded, as we saw how much he was just a lackey to the Emperor. In the end, it wasn’t about defeating Vader as much as saving him. Ren expressed the same ambitions as Vader (kill the Emperor/Snoke and rule the galaxy with Luke/Rey), except Ren actually did it! Well, did it earlier in a scene that led us to think maybe Rey was starting to turn him to the Light side. Instead, Ren is now the Supreme Leader and the true main threat that Vader never truly became. There’s no one above him, and now this unstable loose cannon has The First Order at his command.
            D – I enjoyed him screwing with Hux. I was slightly taken out of the story by the exact dialogue, which sounded like him making a phone call. That seemed slightly out of place, but I still enjoyed how he just messed with Hux to distract him. Going back to Poe’s first meeting with Ren (“So who talks first? Do I talk first?), it fits right in with his character.

  • Brafdorf

    I think Snoke reveals both Rey and Kylo have to kill one another. (Harry Potter much?)
    That there will always be a counter to good or evil equal in strength.

    The kid at the end is a nod that the battle will continue beyond even the next film. That war never ends just like they deliver during this entire film.

  • Brafdorf

    After reading all these comments I’m realizing a lot of people will never be satisfied with any of these films

  • Knight Rider

    I like the idea of Leia passing just before the beginning of IX. Maybe showing her funeral and people mourning her.

  • Chris

    What’s in the books .. was it a throw away line that Luke never read them ???

    • Lenin1959

      As Yoda said, Rey does not need the books because she already knows everything that is in them. Yes, so GREAT is Rey… Forget about the chosen one – THIS IS THE REAL DEAL BECAUSE… Disney said so. /facepalm

      • No dude, Rey took the books before Yoda burnt the tree with lightning, that’s why he was laughing so hard at Luke’s reaction. Finn opens a drawer on the Millennium Falcon at the end of the movie and you see the books.

        • Lenin1959

          And what did Yoda say? Huh? That she does not need them. Please don’t ignore this FACT.

          • Cuban9222

            You don’t need something that you already possess. Rey already had the books in her possession, hence, she DOESN’T NEED them because she ALREADY HAD THEM! This is what Yoda basically says in his backwards speech…

          • Lenin1959

            Interesting INTERPRETATION, also changing the meaning what he really said.

            The best thing was his meta speech about the movie itself: “The greatest teacher, failure is.” He was obviously talking about the movie itself. One of the few brilliant moments in the movie. Hey, see – I can interprete things Yoda said differently, too.

      • Meh

        “Wisdom they held, but that library contained nothing that the girl Rey does not already possess”

  • Lenin1959

    I can’t wait what the next multi million fan film by Disney will be like – I mean, they are not canon, right? They can’t be serious about that. It is just very expensive fan fiction.

  • the book was way better than the movie 🤙🏽

  • Kindofabigdeal

    I can feel the hatred emanating from this thread. It surrounds us, binds us.

  • JustAnotherOpinion

    I keep reading on various sites that fan boys, and more specifically those who grew up Star Wars as children with the original trilogy, just want to rehash of those movies.

    No, we just want a new story that is entertaining, makes sense, and does justice to those characters that we grew up with and love. I just don’t see how the last Jedi did any of the above. The movie expanded on some ideas they had great potential but the execution of it and was deeply flawed. I won’t go into all the major plot holes of the movie, however one of the most glaring plot holes was that of Luke.

    Luke is basically a hermit on that island based off what happen with Ben solo becoming Kylo Ren. So, in the last Jedi he has a conversation with Yoda. And in that conversation Yoda reminds him to teach others what he has learned and as a master you also have to deal with failure.

    Wow, so you mean to tell me all this time if Yoda only had that conversation with Luke may be umpteen years prior, he never would’ve went off on the island to be a hermit and die? The conversation is happening now? LOL!!

    • JustAnotherOpinion

      It was all a means to create a story and character arc that is laughable.

  • David

    The return of Phoenix Squadron please. (Or who is left)

  • SaiyanHeretic

    I’m holding out hope that Rey will realize there is a middle path. The darkness is in all of us and can never be defeated, but true balance doesn’t come from tipping the scales in favor of the light either; that’s why the Jedi Order collapsed in the first place. Hopefully she will glean some wisdom from those old books, less in what they say than in what they don’t. (I also think Yoda was already onto this.)

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