What Will They Do In The Season 2 Finale Of Wheel Of Time? | BOOK SPOILERS!

In a recent interview The Wheel of Time showrunner Rafe Judkins teases sword training for Rand in Season 3.

There has been a lot of debate among fans about what they will do in the Season 2 finale to Wheel of Time? I will stress this post is intended for those who have read the book and therefore there’s SPOILERS what is to come in the show. I can’t guarantee that, as we don’t know how the season finale will play out yet. However this article is not intended for show watchers only.

You have been warned! Kyle, you better not be reading this!

Wheel of Time Book SPOILERS Below!

Let’s just rip off the spoiler band aid. For now it seems like the Season 2 finale is being set up to coincide with the finale of the second book in the series. That was not always guaranteed as Season 2 is a mix/hybrid of books 2 and 3.

If you’re ignoring the SPOILER warning for this one, let me explain. Book 2 ends up with a dramatic battle between Ishamael and Rand. No biggie, however the location of this fight has fans worried how it will translate to the visual medium. In the books, whilst not noticed by Rand himself, their fight can be seen by (literally everyone) as both figures are projected into the sky so anyone who looks up in the area of Falme can see it.

In the books this tells the people watching that this is The Dragon Reborn and the Last Battle is indeed on its way. I guess for most book fans, we are just a bit worried. Season 1 had a poor finale. Therefore, with Season 2 being so much better, the question is, how will they pull this off? Already in the show we have hints that everyone is headed to Falme. Ishy has also hinted that he will meet Rand ‘in the sky’ and everyone will see the Dragon join their cause. (Yeah, that would be a short series if that happened).

Do or Don’t?

So how do they, or should they, pull of a fight that has giant images of the combatants projected into the sky? I and many fans are worried it will look cheap and all the good work of Season 2 will fall apart. See image above for the context of how bad this could be. I had at one point hoped they may just have the pair fight in an elevated position where they can be seen by those below. However, Ishy’s own words make me think he does have a plan to project them both across the sky. I’m just worried it will look silly if they do so.

I guess we won’t know for another 2 weeks how this is being pulled off. However, I hope it’s done well as a poor finale would really hurt the momentum Season 2 has gained.

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This is a tricky one. Satisfy the book fans by giving them what is in the text, or re-contextualize the face-off in a different way? The fact is, I am in two minds. Even reading the books I felt like the battle in the sky whilst an army of dead heroes also returns was a bit too mad for me. At one point I had hoped they’d skip to the finale of Book 3 instead in the show. However, the set up so far supports that set piece either being the opening of Season 3 or just abandoned for some reason till later on.

If you are a book reading fan of The Wheel of Time, let me know what you think. Should they do the battle in the sky as it is in the books? Or, should they rejig this face-off to be something… a bit more realistic?

What will do they do in the Season 2 finale to Wheel of Time? I think we are getting the Falme finale, but will it work as it does in the books? All I know is, I hope the Season 2 finale is better than Season 1. Sadly, the finale was in my opinion the poorest episode of Season 1. As always, leave any thoughts below.

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