Who Would You Choose As Your Real Life Justice League?

In a world dominated by sports, today society has put athletes on a level of super heroes.  My love of comics and sports had me wondering who would make the cut to be in the Justice League.  The Justice League is made up of the Worlds Greatest Super Heroes, where it has consisted of the main seven members.  In todays sports I began to think who would be our Justice League.  

The following list of athletes is the best at what they do and I think also represent the core characters of the Justice League.


Aqua-man-King of the Seven Seas

Athlete: Michael Phelps

Phelps has been King of the Water over the past 10 years becoming the most decorated Olympian of all time.  Just like Aqua-man he is not taken serious as an athlete until he gets in the water.  When Phelps gets on the starting block for a race and slaps his arms on his back its like a shark smelling blood.  There is no other athlete that feels more comfortable in the water than Michael Phelps. 


Cyborg –Half man/Half machine

Athlete: Jimmie Johnson

Johnson is a 6 time Sprint Cup Champion and he is the best at what he does.  Commanding a 3,475 lb 725 hp machine over 500 miles an afternoon to 74 victories.  Jimmie has the most wins and championships since he has entered the Sprint Cup Series full time.  To be this good you have to be one with the car.  Jimmie can tell his crew exactly what his car needs to be faster from adjusting tire pressure to making changes to the wedge in the car.  Jimmie Johnson is also an athlete like Victor Stone.  Although he may not be a football athlete like Victor was Jimmie competes regularly in triathlete competitions.  Of all major athletes Jimmie Johnson is the Cyborg.


Green Lantern-International Cop

Athlete- Lionel Messi

  A Green Lantern strength is only as powerful as the imagination of its beholder.  The power ring translates his ideas into a green energy using the strength of his will power. “Leo” Messi’s playing style (quick, incisive, balanced, and stylish with the ball) is similar to the style Hal Jordan has being the Green Lantern.  When Messi has the ball in his possession he is one of the most creative in the game to get a goal.   With well over 300 goals in his career overall Messi is simply the greatest in the game at scoring goals with his ability to create on the fly.


Flash The Fastest Man Alive

Athlete- Usain Bolt

Do I really need to explain this one?  Usain Bolt holds the World and Olympic records in the 100 meter and 200 meter dash.  He is the first man to ever hold the records at the same time.   He is also the first man to win six Olympic gold medals in sprinting.  Usain will go down as the fastest man alive even when he is retired from sprinting. Just like Barry Allen when Usain runs at the same time of other people it looks so easy. 


Wonder Woman The Amazon’s Greatest Warrior

Athlete- Ronda Rousey

This has to be another no brainer.  I know that a lot of people are pushing for Ronda to be Ms. Marvel but in my mind she would be the perfect Wonder Woman.  Since her debut in UFC Ronda has not just beaten her opponents, she has destroyed them.  Taking less than a minute in a majority of her matches I really do believe that Ronda is an Amazonian Princess.


Batman The Worlds Greatest Detective

Athlete- Peyton Manning

Ok so this might take a little explaining to convince some people.  Peyton is currently 39 years old competing at the highest level in his sport.  Peyton holds all the major quarterback records but that is not why I consider him to be Batman.  Batman has always been known as the superhero that knows everyone’s weakness.  To say that Peyton is a student of the game is an understatement.  He analyzes his opponents during the week that when he suits up he knows exactly what the defense is going to do.  Manning is just like Batman recovering from broken bones and injuries.  Peyton has had multiple surgeries and injuries but still continues at his age to perform better than a majority of quarterbacks.


Superman The Most Powerful Super Hero

Athlete- Lebron James

  Lebron is arguably the best athlete in the world right now.  He has dominated in the NBA for the past 10 years playing in more NBA Finals than any other player.  A multi-sport athlete in high school Lebron opted out of college and went straight to the pros and has dominated the league since.  Like Superman being the most recognizable superhero in the world, Lebron is the most recognizable athlete in world.  Lebron does not only command the court but with his power in the league he has commanded how teams draft and sign players.  There is not a single person who could stop him today.


Do you think you have a better list of a real life Justice League?  Sound off in the comment section below.


Source: DC Comics, ESPN

Twitter: @olivervsslade

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