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Why No Classic Villains Before Spider-Man: No Way Home? Kevin Feige Explains

Why No Classic Villains Before Spider-Man: No Way Home? Kevin Feige Explains

Marvel boss Kevin Feige explains why no classic villains before Spider-Man: No Way Home. Of course if you have not seen Spider-Man: No Way Home yet, you are likely in the minority. Just in case though, we are going to be talking about the movies villains here, so you know, stop reading if you don’t want spoiled at all.

For everyone else we know the Spider-Man: No Way Home saw the inclusion of five of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains. In a BTS featurette from Sony, Feige explains why none of these classic villains were considered for the previous two movies. For those wondering whether we could see MCU versions of these guys down the line, Feige leaves that pretty open. All Feige says is that these villains’ were never considered for the first three movies. If Spider-Man gets another trilogy at Marvel like everyone seems to want though? Well, I guess that depends on how you interpret what Feige had to say below.

“When we had the chance to bring Spider-Man into the MCU with Homecoming, it was really exploring two things that had never been explored before in the Spidey movies,” Feige said. “One was making him much younger, that he’s in his early years of high school and dealing with what it’s like to be that young and to have these powers, and to really relish the high school setting. And the other one was that it’s set within the broader Marvel universe and that there are other heroes there. So for the first few films, it was always, ‘How do we do things that have never been done before?'”

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“It did not occur to us to do a new Goblin story, or to do an Oscorp story, or to do Doc Ock, or anyone that had been done before, which is why Vulture and Mysterio were really the key characters,” Feige explained. “Even as we were doing that — and I had been saying for years, even before anybody asked me what I thought — that you can’t get better than Alfred Molina as Doc Ock.”

“[I said] stepping into those shoes would be very, very difficult. And wouldn’t it be fun to find a way? If you were ever going to bring Doc Ock back, it would have to be Alfred Molina. And in early development on this third Homecoming movie, we realized that thanks to the MCU, there was a way to do that.”

I’ll say right now I have no need to see an MCU Doc Ock, or Electro, or even Lizard. However Peter not getting his own Norman/Harry connection would be unfortunate. Osborn was such a big part of the overall Marvel comics, that I’d love to see him in the MCU. No Goblin straight away or anything, let Norman build up as a semi decent background character. Peter would keep an eye on him but not find anything to begin with. Goblin would be something you built to towards the end of that next trilogy. But hey maybe Kevin Feige sees it different? Ah what does he know eh?

What do you think as Marvel boss Kevin Feige explains why no classic villains before Spider-Man: No Way Home? Thoughts below as always

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