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According to Devin Faraci, of Birth Movies Death, Boyega is not circling a role in BLACK PANTHER. Faraci said he checked with three independence sources, and none could give credence to this rumor.


There’s a new rumor sweeping across the web, and it’s one that sounds like it makes a fair bit of sense. Yet it’s also something that’s only backed up by small bits of circumstantial evidence so, until it’s confirmed, just tuck this one away in your back pocket.

The cast of Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER has been getting a lot of attention lately. Whether it be because Michael B. Jordan has signed on, or the fact that some feel Chadwick Boseman stole the show in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, the fact that the cast will be comprised almost entirely of black actors, or Marvel honcho Kevin Feige‘s assertion that BLACK PANTHER will have one of the best casts the studio has ever put together, people are talking. 

According to current whispers, Marvel may be looking ata rising star within its own Disney family to help round out the cast. The word is that John Boyega, who just starred in Disney/LucasFilm’s STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS as Finn, may have signed on to appear in BLACK PANTHER

The rumor seems to have a lot going for it. For starters, Boyega once campaigned to play T’Challa himself before Boseman nabbed the part. Then there was a recent Snapchat by the actor where he revealed he was about to have an important meeting, which was followed almost immediately after by Feige following Boyega on Twitter. Then came word that the meeting also included Ryan Coogler, who’s directing BLACK PANTHER, and- finally- the fact that he and Coogler seem to be friends, having attended the FORCE AWAKENS premiere together.

Coogler and Boyega

Coogler and Boyega

Coogler has shown he likes to work with friends, by the way, with Jordan now appearing in all of his films so far. So if he and Boyega are pals, this would definitely make sense.

Not included with the whispers is any indication of who he’d play. Having a rising star of Boyega’s caliber in the cast would definitely support Feige’s boast about the quality of this ensemble they’ve put together for BLACK PANTHER.

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SOURCE: Comic Book Movie

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