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While BATMAN v SUPERMAN wasn’t the biggest hit with fans and critics, the DCEU is going on, full steam ahead. From the looks of it, SUICIDE SQUAD looks to be quite the crowd-pleaser, and if the few shots we’ve seen of WONDER WOMAN are any indication, it looks to be quite the solid entry itself.

So far, we know that WONDER WOMAN will be a film mostly set during the Great War era, and we even had our first taste of it in BATMAN v SUPERMAN with the infamous photo the Amazon had with her and friend Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine. However, a recent photo has emerged from the set of the flick, and it may bring an interesting little twist to the narrative.







Image via Batman-News

Image via Batman-News

In the photo, we see Gal Gadot next to a Wayne Enterprises armored vehicle.

When last we saw our heroine, she was set tojoin forces with Bruce Wayne to help track down the rest of the Justice League. Based on this set photo, it seems logical that WONDER WOMAN may actually continue the story of BvS, perhaps using it as a frame narrative for the main plot of the story, which can be used as a flashback. Another possibility is that the film will end with her meeting Bruce Wayne.

We’ll have to wait to see what relevance this photo has for the film. 

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SOURCE: Batman-News