– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Without a doubt, Warner Bros. hoped that Wonder Woman would be a big success. However, there’s no way they could have predicted just how much of a success it would have been. Given that Patty Jenkins had only directed one theatrical feature before Wonder Woman, they were understandably risk averse. Why would they latch themselves to a director before they knew for sure that she could deliver for them?

Of course, the down side of that is that Jenkins now has all the leverage for renegotiations for a Wonder Woman 2. That being said, we never doubted that she would find her way back into the world of Wonder Woman. Based on all her interviews, she genuinely seemed to love the character, and given the reception and box office haul, Warner Bros. would be fools not to at least try to get her on board.

It sounds like they may have already reached an agreement of sorts with Jenkins. Speaking with Variety, Geoff Johns, the main architect of the DC Extended Universe, discussed where they are with Wonder Woman 2.

Here’s what Johns had to say:

“Patty and I are writing the treatment right now. The goal is to make another great Wonder Woman film. I had a blast making it with Patty the first time. We’ve got a cool idea for the second one.”

Given that Jenkins is hard at work writing the upcoming film with Johns, it seems logical to assume that her agent and Warner Bros. were at least able to work out a quick deal that got her on board to start the development of the project while they work on the broader directorial contract. It’s also possible they’ve managed to work it all out much quicker than we ever could have anticipated. After all, even the biggest of studios can move at amazing speed given the right motivations.

With Wonder Woman on its way to breaking $750 million worldwide, we’d say they have hundreds of millions of reasons to act quickly.

Are you looking forward to seeing what they come up with for Wonder Woman 2? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Variety

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