– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Wonder Woman hit theaters earlier this year, and it proved to be quite the hit among fans. After having two films that were less than well received, it certainly was a breath of fresh air. One of the aspects that truly worked in its favor was its standalone nature. Yes, it was connected to the larger universe, but thanks to its taking place in World War I, it managed to steer clear of any unnecessary connections with the rest of the films.

However, in a new epilogue revealed in the digital release of the film, that all changes. Yahoo! Movies was able to share the first 40 seconds of the scene (which you can check out above), but that only gives you a flavor.

In the scene, Etta Candy comes into the familiar bar to find Steve and Diana’s allies from the film, and is intent in leading them in a top secret mission. The mission? Apparently after a series of bombings along the Belgian front, they found an “artifact.” There mission would be to deliver the artifact to the Americans, so that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Later on in the scene after a quick bar squabble (which we found via the digital release of the film), Etta opens up her file to reveal a taste of what it actually is they’ll be delivering, and fans will recognize it immediately as a Mother Box. We first had a glimpse of these Mother Boxes in Batman v Superman when we saw Cyborg’s origins, and later in a deleted scene with Steppenwolf and Lex Luthor.

These boxes are basically supercomputers from Apokalips that give its users power the more they collect them. It’s also why Steppenwolf seems to be headed to Earth — to lock down said power.

This extra scene — which was shot during the reshoot phase of Wonder Woman — is the only real connective tissue it has to the main overarching plot, so we’re interested to see what supposedly became of this Mother Box when all said and done. Is it the same one that transforms Victor Stone into Cyborg? Maybe.

Wonder Woman is out in digital now!

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SOURCE: Yahoo! Movies, Warner Bros.

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