– by Joseph Jammer Medina

In a move that really didn’t surprise anyone, Paramount quietly removed World War Z 2 from their 2017 release schedule. Many of us expected that the zombie sequel was deader than dead, as there’d been no director attached, no production in motion, and no real momentum. It would have taken a miracle for it to have hit its June 2017 release date. So what does this mean for World War Z 2 as a project? Is it dead in the water, or is there a chance for it to get a second life after further development (it’s not like the film franchise is a stranger to difficult development and production)?

Not so fast, Pessimist Peter, THR is now reporting that one of their sources has some extra insight into the project. Not only could World War Z 2 resurface, but there are rumblings that director David Fincher is “very creatively interested in directing the movie.”

This would make a great deal of sense. Fincher always seems ready to push himself in new directorial directions, and World War Z 2 would make an interesting feather in his cap in genre storytelling. What’s more, he’s worked with Brad Pitt a couple times before on The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and on Fight Club.

So what’s the rub? With Fincher interested in taking on the film? Why has there been so little momentum behind it? The report continues, stating that Fincher wanted to make the film about “a man and his family navigating a zombie apocalypse at a budget less the original’s $190 million.” In the eyes of this writer, that almost sounds like a better bet. Make a Fincher zombie film for with less of a budget? You’ll likely be able to make more of your money back if you’re the one putting the money forward, right? Apparently Parmount chief Brad Grey “was not ready to green light” the flick, though it’s unclear as to why. Perhaps he wanted a more bombastic idea — something that is more your standard “bigger is better” type of idea?

To further complicate things, Paramount even has a co-producer in Skydance Productions, meaning they have to front less cash for the film. Wouldn’t this seem to make the flick a surer bet for all involved? If we can take a moment to speculate, perhaps that’s the problem. With a less budget, maybe Grey wants an idea that is more likely to reach $1 billion at the box office worldwide so that they can make as much money if they’d fronted the money by themselves. Given the less risk that comes with fronting half a film, it might be emboldening him to fund a more expensive idea.

THR’s source continued:

“[Fincher] really would like to do it. It’s up to Paramount.”

We’d love to see it too. Someone please tell Paramount to run with that idea.

Would you like to see Fincher helm World War Z 2? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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