– by Emmanuel Gomez

Most comic book fans are familiar with the controversial phone in campaign that DC Comics included in Batman #427 twenty years ago. Readers had the opportunity to decided whether the current Robin at the time Jason Todd should live or die in the comic books. We know that in the end there were over 10,000 votes to kill of Jason, which resulted in the Joker beating him to death with a crowbar in the story arc Batman: Death in the Family.

Two weeks ago in the DC Universe’s Titans series’ fifth episode titled Together, Jason Todd made his first live action appearance. This was followed by the sixth episode titled Jason Todd where Todd and Grayson work together. This has prompted DC Universe to recreate the phone in campaign.


This time around the poll asks fans if they would also vote to kill Jason Todd of if they would let him live. Currently there are over 35,000 votes and it looks like this generation of fans have had a change of heart with about seventy percent of voters choosing to save Jason Todd from the Joker.

Todd’s death eventually gave him the opportunity to become the Red Hood, who we got to see in the DC Universe Animated film Batman: Under the Red Hood. Also he appeared as the Arkham Knight in the 2015 hit video game Batman: Arkham Knight, a character who is ready to make his comic book debut in a couple of months. Not to mention his current comic book at DC titled Red Hood Outlaw by Scott Lobdell, which just released it’s 28th issue since Rebirth.

Which leads me to re-ask the question, would you save Jason Todd from the Joker even if it meant losing Red Hood? Let us know in the comment section below!

DC Comics’ Red Hood Outlaw #28 is available now at comic shops everywhere.

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Source: DC Universe