– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Okay, I need to hug the folks behind the public relations for BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. Between the last trailer, which was pretty great, and last night’s awesome Ben Affleck appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, they’ve managed to make me smile. The film will still be getting zero dollars from me, but I’ve got to hand it to them for their latest attempts to get my money.

Affleck’s appearance on the show began with a great bit of fan service for longtime Kimmel fans. The host has had a long-standing on-air “feud” with Matt Damon, for those who don’t watch the show. When Affleck was introduced, he appeared to be wearing a fat suit. After first joking that all the muscle he put on for BATMAN V SUPERMAN had quickly turned to fat, Kimmel noted that the giant bulging belly was actually moving, so he pulled upen Affleck’s coat to reveal…Matt Damon strapped to his chest. The crowd erupted, and the comically “heated” exchange between Damon and Kimmel, where the host confronts Affleck and Damon for their treachery was handled well.

From there, though, things only got better.

After Kimmel had his security forces throw Damon off of the set, we got this great “deleted scene” from BATMAN V SUPERMAN. Check it out here:

That was pretty great, no? And the cameos were all a nice touch. It probably helped the film immeasurably as well, as the lead-in for the show was was the 88th annual Academy Awards, giving Kimmel a whole bunch of extra eyeballs. 

Regardless, there will be countless eyeballs focused on big screens when BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE hits theaters on March 25. 

SOURCE: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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