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Justice League is a film that keeps on giving in terms of news, and for that, you can thank director Zack Snyder, who has made a habit of sharing his thoughts on Vero regarding the development and production of the film. Without a doubt, while I enjoyed the movie for what it was, there were many different aspects that had fans scratching their heads — not necessarily in confusion, but simply wondering…why have this?

In the months since the film has come out, one such aspect of the film that has been increasingly scrutinized had to do with the inclusion of a random Russian family in the midst of the action of the film in the final act. To many, the inclusion of the family seems random, out of place, and all-around boring. But who is responsible for them?

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As we know, Snyder stepped down as director of the film in early 2017, and Joss Whedon stepped in to take his place…so who was it? Speaking on the social media account Vero (as captured by Twitter user Andy Warth), Snyder expressed his overall familiarity with the family with one comment:

“What Russian family?”

On the whole, the inclusion of the family makes sense from a story standpoint. The end of the movie takes place in a desolate wasteland, and while the fate of the world is at stake, there is virtually no physical embodiment of those stakes. The family was likely meant to fill that role so that the stakes were easier to feel.

Unfortunately, they were so far removed from the actual events of the story, it seems to have only highlighted the very problem it was trying to solve. It all seems to be part of the problem with creating a film with competition visions.

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SOURCE: Andy Warth

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