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This likely won’t come as a surprise to most of you, but Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed that he’ll be back for the next Terminator film- assuming that sequel/reboot Genisys catches on with audiences. While the actor sat out Terminator: Salvation (save for a digital reconstruction of his T-800), the actor has appeared in 4 of the 5 Terminator films so far. 

When asked if he’d return for another installment, considering Genisys is meant to relaunch the series, the Austrian Oak wasn’t just affirmative. He was emphatic. Yes, of course. Next year,” he told TheArnoldFans. So it would appear that aside from confirming his involvement, he’s also revealed that the sequel would film in 2016. 

What do you think? Ready for more Arnold, and a slew of new Terminator films? If this plan works out, it would be the shortest time spent between sequels. The gap between 1 and 2 was seven years. Between 2 and 3 was 12 years. Between 3 and Salvation was six years. And July 1, 2015 will mark six years since the last Terminator flick came to theaters.

SOURCE: TheArnoldFans