– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Gramercy Pictures has officially released the red band trailer for their upcoming horror sequel, “Sinister 2.”

The trailer popped up on the MOVIECLIPS Trailers YouTube channel a few hours back, and I have to say, it ain’t half bad-looking.

While oftentimes with red band trailers, one can expect over-the-top swearing, nudity, or graphic violence, this trailer really shows none of this, and instead relies more on chilling tone and imagery (Just take a look at how they spell out the title at the very end, and you’ll see what I mean). Sure, it pushes a bit past what’s accepted in your typical green band trailer, but not by a whole lot. The first film also did a great job with its imagery, so it’s great to see that they’re making a point to do the same with the second one.

“Sinister 2” is the sequel to Scott Derrickson’s 2012 hit film “Sinister,” which made nearly $80 million off its $3 million budget–quite the healthy recoup on investment. While Derrickson didn’t come back to direct this sequel (he’s since gone on to helm Marvel’s “Doctor Strange”), he is credited as one of the writers on the film, so no doubt his fingerprints will be all over it. 

This film, instead, was entrusted to Ciaran Foy, who most recently directed the horror flick “Citadel” back in 2012. “Citadel” was a solid horror romp that, fittingly enough, also used creepy kids as a means to scare the pants off audiences. Let’s hope the transition between that film and “Sinister 2” was a clean one.

Below is the official synopsis for “Sinister 2” (via Collider):

“In the aftermath of the shocking events in ‘Sinister,’ a protective mother (Shannyn Sossamon of Wayward Pines) and her 9-year-old twin sons (real-life twins Robert and Dartanian Sloan) find themselves in a rural house marked for death. James Ransone, who portrayed the concerned sheriff’s deputy in ‘Sinister,’ will be reprising his character in ‘Sinister 2.'”

“Sinister 2” hits theaters on August 21, 2015.

What do you think of the red band trailer? Did it go as far as you wanted it to go, or were you hoping it’d push the boundaries even more? How do you think Ciaran Foy has taken to carrying on this franchise?

Let us know what you think in the comments down below! 

Source: MOVIECLIPS Trailers

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