Blu-Ray Review: ‘Brick Mansions

– by Gig Patta

Detroit gets no love.

In one of Paul Walker’s final performances, the late actor stars in this action packed remake called “Brick Mansions.” The film is based off 2004’s French film “District B13” that introduced us to very creative parkour chase scenes.

Luc Besson also wrote the American remake from his French version, which is nearly the exact same story except it’s Americanized for this audience. As a bonus, parkour extraordinaire David Belle plays Lino in the same role as he did ten years ago with the French version.

The story is set in the near future, in which the Brick Mansions project is walled in like a prison from the rest of Detroit. A drug lord Tremaine Alexander (RZA) rules the neighborhood through his shipments of drugs and guns. Tremaine kidnaps Lino’s ex-girlfriend as revenge for him destroying his recent shipment. Meanwhile, police detective Damien Collier (Walker) goes undercover into Brick Mansions intending to diffuse a neutron bomb taken by Tremaine. But, he needs Lino’s help to locate Tremaine in this ghetto city.

The film has non-stop action with plenty of parkour, foot chases and car chases throughout the movie. There’s not much of a breather in terms from one action scene to another.

American audiences may appreciate the parkour action if it hasn’t been scene before from other recent action films. Otherwise, it doesn’t offer anything new from the French film which surprised audiences from the action.

Walker gives a good performance, especially with a car chase scene that reminds you of Brian O’Conner from “Fast & Furious.” And his French partner, Belle is superb in duplicating his acrobatic talents after nearly a decade in starring in “District B13.”

There are several extra features on the Blu-ray that many entice “Brick Mansions” enthusiasts, including interviews and stunt rehearsals for the movie. Additionally, the movie also has an uncut version and a theatrical version. The two versions are barely noticeable except for extra blood and curse words.

“Brick Mansions” is out today on Blu-ray, DVD and digital download.

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