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LRM weekly Comic Book Spotlight is an opportunity for our readers to get insight of an indie comic series that you might not have heard of but is worth picking up online.  This week we are focusing on a comic book series that a lot of our readers can relate too.  “Like Father Like Daughter” is a comic series created by Kat “ComicUno” Calamia that started as a college screenplay assignment and now has evolved into a three issues Kickstarter campaign.  With two successful campaigns already complete that was able to launch three issues, Kat and Short Fuse Media are already in the works for a 4th issue campaign starting in late August/early September.

“Like Father Like Daughter” tells the story of a high school girl named Casey Rider who has to deal with her father being the only superhero on the Planet.  Casey like other teenagers that have to deal with absentee parents has grown a disdain for her father especially since she is reminded of him whenever he saves the day.  “Like Father Like Daughter” explores the concept a lot of young adults have that they don’t want to be like their parents when in the end that is who we become in some fashion.  Unlike most comics where the main focus is the hero, this story follows Casey and her struggles growing up knowing her dad is the superhero everyone loves.


Now onto its third issue out of four for this story arc has Casey come to the realization that being a superhero is not that easy.  This discovery comes with a hard lesson for Casey to understand why her father left her. 

This comic is a great pick up for any reader who has/had a parent who was absent from their childhood any never understood why.  Where this story can really relate too is a child whose mom or dad served in the military.  Both parent and child make the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good of the country. And even though that parent may not always be around for their child, it is in their child’s genes to resemble their parents someway.

You can pick up all three issues at Short Fuse Media Groups website or pick up the first two issues at Comixology.


Written by

Kathryn Calamia


Wayne Brown


Wayne Brown

Colored by

David Aravena

Lettered by

John Palmer IV

Edited by

Kathryn Calamia

Rashaan McAdoo

Published by

Rashaan McAdoo

Marisela Perez

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