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Now that director Neill Blomkamp is set to direct a new Alien movie, you can expect more eyes to be on his next film. The sci-fi flick Chappie is set to come out on March 6 and, as such, Sony Pictures has just released a clip from the film. Titled “Not My Fault,” this is the first official clip released for Chappie.

Check it.

The synopsis of this reboot of Short Circuit (I kid), is as follows:

In the near future, a mechanized police force patrols the streets and deals with lawbreakers — but now, the people are fighting back. When one police droid is stolen and given new programming, he acquires the ability to feel and think for himself. While the robot, dubbed “Chappie (Sharlto Copley),” puzzles out human behavior, the authorities begin to see him as a danger to mankind and order; they will stop at nothing to ensure that Chappie is the last of his kind.

Blomkamp rose to fame with District 9, which became his movie when a collaboration with Peter Jackson for a Halo movie fell through. 

SOURCE: Sony Pictures