– by Seth McDonald

Actor Corey Feldman is continuing his campaign to expose what he says is a ring of pedophilia in Hollywood. The actor plans to make a feature film on the subject. Feldman is attempting to use crowd funding as a source to get his film off the ground. In speaking with Matt Lauer on Today, Feldman explained his reasoning for making a film and not just coming out with the names.

“It’s not a documentary. It’s a film. I want to make a feature film, which is why I need the budget. It will be a very true story. We will have every name … we’re talking about a theatrical release.”

I am not sure why Feldman would name names in the film, and not just come out and say them. I am no lawyer but it seems as if the legal ramifications would be the same — though perhaps he’s waiting for the money to come in for the doc so he can have ammunition to defend himself in court. Lauer also asked Feldman why he simply does not go to the police. Below is Feldman’s response.

“I’ve told the police. In fact, if anybody wants to go back to 1993 when I was interviewed by the Santa Barbara Police Department, I sat there and I gave them the names. They’re on record. They have all of this information, but they were scanning Michael Jackson. All they cared about was trying to find something on Michael Jackson. Michael is innocent. That’s what the interview was about with the police in 1993. … I told them, ‘He is not that guy. … I know the difference between pedophiles and somebody who is not a pedophile because I’ve been molested. Here’s the names. Go investigate.’”

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Every attempt by Feldman to expose those he alleges as criminals, gets thwarted. I, like many others, have heard Feldman’s claims for years, but now it seems as if he is making one last push to bring what he thinks is justice. With accusations of sexual misconduct going around Hollywood, it seems there is no better time for Feldman’s plight.

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Source: Today Show (via Variety)

  • TheOct8pus

    Whether it’s true or not, Corey is damned if he does name them and damned if he doesn’t. Whatever the truth is, Hollywood does seem to have a problem, and I do believe there are some pedophiles. It’s just a sad story no matter how you look at it.

    • Lenin1959

      A documentary? Yes. Turning it into a feature film to make some b.o. money? Don’t think so. And no matter how much truth it would contain, it would never get published. Neither will he find a distributor nor will the movie be allowed to be published because of all the definitely incoming lawsuits before the production starts, during the productions itself, and before release. It is not the best approach. Corey Feldman should work on a documentary and should try to work with news agencies on it. He will need their support.

      I don’t think Feldman got much of a career left that he is risking with this move. And I hope he will get a documentary done and all the “good Hollywood people” who support orangutans and whales and tigers will also support the victim of pedophiles. Unfortunately, I highly doubt that they will. He won’t get millions from Hanks, Clooney, or Jolie (or all the other Hollywood people who usually support “Save XYZ” projects). Prove me wrong, Hollywood.

      • TheOct8pus

        Absolutely. If he even managed to pull off a feature film, who the hell would want to go see it? He might as well call it: A Serbian Film 2: The Revenge. It would be super uncomfortable to sit through.

        • Kindofabigdeal

          I don’t think he will go graphic in nature with the molesting. It will just probably set up how the kids were traded at parties. If it has real names then I would check it out. If it has the power of telling the story like Alpha Dog this could blow the doors wide open. However I’m on the side that this should be a straight documentary. He can have some reinactments like Unsolved Mysteries but I tend to believe documentaries more than movies based on real crimes which may sensationalize for dramatic affect. Give me the facts so I can get my torch and pickfork out.


    I don’t doubt his suffering but $10 million crowdfund for a documentary would make it one of the most expensive ever made. A documentary like this would only cost a few hundred thousand at the most.

    • Joseph Jammer Medina

      I believe the costs are a defense against the lawsuits that will follow the release of the doc.

  • Bruce Norris

    I don’t think he can get this out to the public in a “conventional way”. The “powers that be” got that covered. No tv/news, movie, interwebs, magazine or newspaper.

    Hell, he don’t get it out quick, he might suddenly “go missing”.

    He should just write/print that shit and go cross country handing it out.

    Funding should go for gas and food, urge people to proliferate the document out and get others involved.